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Other mistake: 18/2/15 In the live segment Tanya asks Jane "how's Adam" instead off "how's Ian" mixing up the names of character Ian Beale and actor Adam Woodyatt.

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Other mistake: 14/07/11 - During Christian and Zainab's confrontation at Christian and Syed's flat, Christian is trying to gain Z's approval for his and Syed's adoption application. Throughout the entire 10 minute scene, the camera can be seen wobbling from side to side, as though all cast and crew are on the Titanic. The BBC even received complaints from viewers, stating that they had to turn the scene off because the camera angles were making them feel seasick.

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Other mistake: Stuart drives to his wedding in the hearse, but he gets trapped inside when the battery goes flat, disabling the central locking and electric windows. Later on how does he manage to sound the horn if the battery is flat?

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Other mistake: 25/12/17 Tanya is walking across the square to get Abi. It is raining heavily but Tanya is not getting wet.

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Other mistake: Friday 12/8/11 Greg leaves for his holiday in Mexico by taxi. After he has gone you can see his pick-up truck parked in front of Dot's car in the square. On Monday 15/8/11, Greg's truck has gone.

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Factual error: When Cindy wanted a hitman to kill Ian she looks in the yellow pages to find one. Surely the police and the makers of the yellow pages would have been alerted if a hitman agency wants to advertise itself in the yellow pages?

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Alan: You don't wanna go upsetting the Mitchells, they have long memories.

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Trivia: There is a shop in the square called Barratt's Bargain Corner, cleverly incorporating the BBC's initials.

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Question: Is outdoor Albert Square a set or a real life location? If its a set, how do they get the trains to run by so realistically and how do they get so many extras? If it's real, where is it?

Answer: Albert Square is a set in the BBC studios in Borehamwood, on the north side of London. The trains, to the best of my knowledge, are simply a bit of the old TV magic. As far as the extras go - it's not difficult to get extras in reasonable numbers through agencies.

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