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Factual error: When Cindy wanted a hitman to kill Ian she looks in the yellow pages to find one. Surely the police and the makers of the yellow pages would have been alerted if a hitman agency wants to advertise itself in the yellow pages?

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Factual error: When Barry dies in the Scottish Highlands, Janine has him cremated. However, she manages to get back to Walford in roughly 4 days, no police force would allow for a body to be cremated 4 days after death, especially with an unknown circumstance of death. Also it would look very suspicious that the widow was so keen to get her husband cremated, slowing the police force down even more.

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Factual error: In the 2008 Christmas special, Shean fell through the ice on a frozen lake. The water would have been jet black once below the surface, and the water temperature, just above zero, would have meant near instant muscle spasms followed by muscle paralysis, making swimming around and holding your breath completely impossible.

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Factual error: 7 Sep 2015: Several errors with the soldiers in the recruiting office. They wear their berets almost flat on their heads and not pulled to the side - no self-respecting British soldier would wear his beret this way. The berets have tails, which British berets do not have. Lee salutes a sergeant major - he's an experienced soldier so would never do such a thing and would get an earful if he did. Lee talks about his platoon in Afghanistan - he's in the Royal Engineers, who have troops instead of platoons. In fact, all the soldiers are from the RE - in reality recruiting offices are staffed by soldiers from a mix of corps and regiments.


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Factual error: In the episode where Kat is flying off to Ibiza, she is seated in an over-wing exit seat. These seats are reserved for ABP's (Able Bodied Passengers) which mean no children or infants under the age of 14 can sit there. Once the plane has started boarding, check in closes for that flight and no further tickets can be sold for that flight. The captain requested pushback, but, certain conditions around the aircraft wouldn't make this possible. Stairs still in place, ground power was attached and once the door had been closed Alfie would have not under any circumstances been allowed onto a airfield to climb the stairs. If he did, he would have been escorted off.

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Continuity mistake: On the episode dating 22nd January 2010, when Peggy is telling Roxy off for firing Tracey, they are in the kitchen. Roxy then turns to walk downstairs, and her ponytail is high and bouncy. Then, two seconds later, when she is visible again, her ponytail is low and messy.


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Alan: You don't wanna go upsetting the Mitchells, they have long memories.

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Trivia: The EastEnders set is built on the same spot that the "German" building site used in the first series of Auf Weidersen Pet, was located. If you look carefully you'll notice that the flats in the background are the same ones in both programmes.


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Question: Has Joe (Pauline's husband) been a narrator for a children's program in the past? I recognize his voice and am sure its something to do with kids TV.

Answer: Yes he was the narrater for the kids TV show Mr Benn. This was the program where Mr Benn would go into a costume shop each episode and try on a different outfit. He would then "be" the character he dressed up as.

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