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Corrected entry: Kate said Lyn could start her training at SophistiKate's Nail Bar on Friday, when she is off, because her assistant needs help. If her assistant was alone on Friday, surely its a bad idea to have a trainee start at the same time. If both workers were in, then one could train Lyn while the other sees to clients, but in the way Kate describes here, her assistant would be busier than before.

Dan Moat

Correction: Character choice to have someone start when only an assistant is in. Not a movie mistake.

Ssiscool Premium member

Correction: It is revealed in a later episode that Carl released Phil's seat belt just before the crash.

Correction: On the 22nd August 2011 Whitney meets Rob in the park before going to Southend, Fatboy and Dot bump into them and in fact mention that they are going to Southend for the weekend. At the end of the episode Rob sees Whitney in the car with Dot, Fatboy, Heather & Shirley full well knowing where they are off to.

Correction: Well if it was Ben or Phil who had written it, surely they could have made a spelling mistake? It's not to do with the show, but the character who can't spell.

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Corrected entry: Den Watts faked his death in 1989 when he allegedly fell into the canal after being shot. A body later recovered from the canal was wrongly identified as Den. Den returned to Walford in 2003. During those fourteen years he was living in Spain. The trailers preceding the show when Den made his return from the dead showed him arriving at immigration control and presenting his passport. UK passports last 10 years before needing renewal, so how did Den renew his passport without arousing suspicion if he hadn't returned to the UK during those fourteen years? Wouldn't the passport office and the police get suspicious about a dead person renewing their passport?

Correction: It's possible no-one noticed. UK passports can be obtained at British Embassies/Consulates all over the world (I have an aunt living in the USA - she acquired one through the British Embassy in Washington)- no one would think of checking that that the applicant was still alive, especially if the photo in their previous passport confirmed it was them.

Andy Benham Premium member

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Corrected entry: Joe volunteered to drive the minibus for the pensioners outing but was nervous about filling in the insurance form because it asked about criminal convictions. Joe answered no as he doesn't want his new wife Pauline to find out about his criminal past. Any reputable organisation catering for vulnerable groups of people do police checks on new volunteers before they start work so Joe's criminal record would be discovered anyway.

Correction: So how is this a mistake? It is just a lapse of judgement by the character in telling a lie on a form thinking it will not be checked, which as the plot unfolds may well back fire on him as the police checks are carried out and his "lie" discovered.

Mad Ade

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Corrected entry: When Frank Butcher was having a funeral in Spain, Peggy went over to see him. Wouldn't you expect Peggy to tell his daughter who lives round the corner that her dad was dead?

Correction: Surely Franks daughter Janine would have been contacted first, as next of kin, rather than Peggy, his ex wife.

Correction: You don't necessarily need to read to know how to operate objects you use every day. For example my little nephew can use a DVD remote despite being 3 and not being able to read.

dgemba dgemba

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Corrected entry: Alfie and Spencer Moon's grandmother (Nana) only had one child who was their father. So who fathered their cousins Jake and Danny Moon?

Correction: The term 'cousin' is a little misused in the show. Nana's Husband (William) had a brother, who had children, who had Jake & Danny I believe.

Soylent Purple

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Corrected entry: When Den got hit with the doorstop by Chrissie and landed on the floor, his eyes were open. Yet right at the end of the episode when it showed Den, they were closed.


Correction: First when Zoe hit him he had his eyes open. Then when Chrissie hit him he closed them.

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Corrected entry: When Laura and Janine were fighting on the night Laura died, Laura slapped Janine across her left cheek. So why is it that when we next see Janine, she has a scar on her right cheek?

Correction: They recently showed this clip again on an "EastEnders Revealed" program, and the scar always remains on Janine's left cheek.


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Corrected entry: After Nana Moon has had brain surgery to help treat her memory loss, it's amazing she isn't missing a single hair from her head. If she had really had surgery she would have had the hair removed from at least part of her head.

Correction: It may not be obvious loss of hair. My sister had brain surgery several years ago, and although it did mean some hair removal, the affected area was small enough to be covered up.

Andy Benham Premium member

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Corrected entry: Peggy Mitchell hated Mark Fowler for stealing her granddaughter Louise. So why did she send flowers to his funeral? Also, how did she find out he had died when she is in Brazil?

Correction: Peggy is very two faced and quite often changes her opinions of people to suit her moods remember Sams wedding to Andy she changed her opinons of Sam,Andy and, Minty several times within a few minutes.

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Corrected entry: Vicki turns 18 on during May 2004, yet she has been in the night club almost since she arrived at Walford. Even if she would be an owner (which she legally couldn't be, due to her being under age) she shouldn't be allowed in the club during business hours since she's under 18. The club would risk losing their license if there were underage people in the club, seems a big risk to take.

Correction: The law states that children of the licensee or their immediate families are allowed into a licensed premises.

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Corrected entry: In the episode on 15th September, Lisa is talking to the hitman alone in her apartment. When the camera is on her, she has her hands on her lap, but when the camera focuses on the hitman you can see another arm beside her in a vertical position in the mirror behind him, perhaps a boom mic operators.

Correction: No, it was definitely Lisa's arm, you could see her raising it up and down in a few shots when the hitman was going through the details of how Phil would be killed.

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Corrected entry: On the 26th March 2004 Charlie is watching Changing Rooms on the TV in the morning, except it is never on in the mornings.

Correction: There are a number of possibilities here. It could have been a recording on VHS. The Slaters might have Sky Plus so again could have been a recording. Even if they have standard Sky, he could have been watching it on UKTV Style as they broadcast the programme at all times of the day (I believe it's also a BBC funded station).

Phil Watts

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Corrected entry: Paul is the best man at Barry's wedding and an open friend of Barry and Janine. He also found Barry's body. It's amazing he manages to leave the Highlands the same night without even being questioned.

Correction: He did get questioned, everyone who was in the hotel got questioned in the entrance hall.

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Corrected entry: When Vicky Fowler went to spain to look for her dad, her accent was American. Yet when she returned, she'd suddenly had an accent transplant and spoke with a Londoner's 'East End' accent. Deliberately done due to a fairly ropey American accent to start with, so a half-decent explanation was needed for her to revert to her real accent.

Correction: From the time Vicky arrived to before she went to Spain, she had gradually been using more and more british-type words ("can i borrow fifty quid?"). When she came back, another character (Dennis?) commented on her change in accent. She replied something along the lines of "Well, I thought I should at least try to make an effort to fit in as much as possible".

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Corrected entry: When Mo is raped in the Queen Vic she doesn't tell anyone except Billy. When she told the police they would have combed the Queen Vic for forensic evidence, which means Alfie would have had to have known about it, and he probably would have told Kat meaning all the Slater's would find out making Mo's concealment a bit stupid.

Correction: I think this is character error. She could be forgiven for not thinking straight, under the circumstances.

J I Cohen

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Corrected entry: I don't understand how Kate is professionaly qualified to be a manicurist. She only pretended to be one when she was an undercover policewoman, and she would never had time to train properly enough to open a nail bar while becoming a policewoman.

Correction: She does not have to be properly trained to become a manicurist. She is allowed to give manicures to anyone and charge them for it, as long as she is not telling people that she is properly trained, as this is deception. Plus, I am sure she did other things before she was in the police force.


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Factual error: When Cindy wanted a hitman to kill Ian she looks in the yellow pages to find one. Surely the police and the makers of the yellow pages would have been alerted if a hitman agency wants to advertise itself in the yellow pages?

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Frank Butcher: I'll tell you what, pal, you talk to me like that again and you're gonna get a dry slap.

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Trivia: As of March 2010, Adam Woodyatt remains the only cast member still in the show from its inception in Feb 85. Still a bit behind Bill Roache, who has played Ken Barlow in Corrie since it began in 1960.

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Suggested correction: He actually obtained this status after Pauline died on Christmas Day 2006 (although there have since been reappearances of Leonard Fenton, Letitia Dean, John Altman and Gillian Taylforth).

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Question: Why in the kitchen at the Masoods' house do they have a 4 gang light switch? 1 would be for the main light. There are no under cabinet lights, the outside lights wouldn't be switched from here either. I'm an electrician and every time I see the switch it annoys me.

Answer: Most likely a mistake by the set designers or it's a recycled set which already had the switch on (they just repaint and add other fittings).

At my workplace there is a two-gang switch with a three-gang switch underneath it, one of which is for the shop lights, the other four have no apparent use.

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