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Character mistake: 27/1/15 Max tells his two daughters to get in his car to go to Emma's funeral. Max's car is a Mercedes SLK which is only a two seater, and therefore wouldn't seat three people.

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Character mistake: When Pat goes to Roy Evans' car showroom to complain about the dodgy car he sold to her son David, she asks Roy if he has any children. Roy replies that he has two sons which was true, but at this time Roy didn't know he had a second son, Nathan, conceived years before when Roy had an affair with his secretary Doreen. He only found out years later when Nathan turned up to tell Roy that Doreen was terminally ill. When Roy was speaking to Pat he only knew about his first son and business partner Barry.

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Continuity mistake: On the episode dating 22nd January 2010, when Peggy is telling Roxy off for firing Tracey, they are in the kitchen. Roxy then turns to walk downstairs, and her ponytail is high and bouncy. Then, two seconds later, when she is visible again, her ponytail is low and messy.


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Alan: You don't wanna go upsetting the Mitchells, they have long memories.

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Trivia: As of March 2010, Adam Woodyatt remains the only cast member still in the show from its inception in Feb 85. Still a bit behind Bill Roache, who has played Ken Barlow in Corrie since it began in 1960.

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Suggested correction: He actually obtained this status after Pauline died on Christmas Day 2006 (although there have since been reappearances of Leonard Fenton, Letitia Dean, John Altman and Gillian Taylforth).

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Question: Why in the kitchen at the Masoods' house do they have a 4 gang light switch? 1 would be for the main light. There are no under cabinet lights, the outside lights wouldn't be switched from here either. I'm an electrician and every time I see the switch it annoys me.

Answer: Most likely a mistake by the set designers or it's a recycled set which already had the switch on (they just repaint and add other fittings).

At my workplace there is a two-gang switch with a three-gang switch underneath it, one of which is for the shop lights, the other four have no apparent use.

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