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Revealing mistake: Episode Aired 12th December. In the laundrette a shelf had fallen off the wall and Dot Cotton needed someone to fix it. You could see the wall was false, as every time Dot touched the shelf, the wall was wobbling. Later same episode Martin Fowler fixed the shelf he said something like "the wall will fall down before the shelf does" - very true.

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Revealing mistake: In an episode when Stacey was in the Minute-Mart and she was begging Patrick and Yolande to give her her job back, a man can be seen standing in the doorway. But when the man looks up and sees the camera, he soon scrams out of the shot.

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Revealing mistake: In the legendary episode where Steve Owen dies, the car somehow manages to get flipped over onto its roof. Only a bomb going off would create such an effect, not just the tank going up.

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Revealing mistake: 3/6/08: When Dawn is chasing after Keith while pushing Summer (her daughter) in the pushchair, it is obvious that there is no baby in the pushchair, even though she can be heard crying.

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Revealing mistake: In the episode where the "young" group of characters leaves for Scotland on New Years Eve, they're supposedly leaving at 7 in the morning, yet the sun is shining high in the sky during a deep winter's day.

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Revealing mistake: Episode aired 06/05/2016. Steve (Ronnie's stalker) pulls out a folder of newspaper clippings concerning Ronnie's baby-swap case. It shows up close an "article" which is seemingly legit when reading the first few lines...only to show the same sentence repeatedly, merely the information having been rephrased. Either the Eastenders-verse bears some rather incompetent and careless journalists, or the writers of the soap were simply too much too bone-idle to write up even the most mediocre of articles. (00:28:05)


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Factual error: When Cindy wanted a hitman to kill Ian she looks in the yellow pages to find one. Surely the police and the makers of the yellow pages would have been alerted if a hitman agency wants to advertise itself in the yellow pages?

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Zoe: My sister is my mum. My Dad is my granddad and my uncle, and my uncle is my dad.

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Trivia: The EastEnders set is built on the same spot that the "German" building site used in the first series of Auf Weidersen Pet, was located. If you look carefully you'll notice that the flats in the background are the same ones in both programmes.


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Question: Is outdoor Albert Square a set or a real life location? If its a set, how do they get the trains to run by so realistically and how do they get so many extras? If it's real, where is it?

Answer: Albert Square is a set in the BBC studios in Borehamwood, on the north side of London. The trains, to the best of my knowledge, are simply a bit of the old TV magic. As far as the extras go - it's not difficult to get extras in reasonable numbers through agencies.

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