What's Up, Doc? - S7-E18

Continuity mistake: After dinner Sam pours Sheila a nightcap, and he opens a (seltzer?) bottle for himself. Sheila leaves, and both her semi-filled glass and Sam's bottle are on the counter. Just as Sam opens a second bottle for himself Rebecca enters, and Sam soon sets his second bottle down near his first. In following shots the amount of liquid in Sheila's glass increases, and Sam grabs his first bottle then walks away, but when Rebecca stands up, Sam's first bottle is back on the counter and it's his second bottle that's missing. (00:20:20)

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What's Up, Doc? - S7-E18

Continuity mistake: While Sam considers going to see the psychiatrist professionally just to hook up with her, Carla suggests that he feign impotence, and Sam puts his bottle down on the counter, but it cuts to a closeup with Sam suddenly holding the bottle in his raised right hand. (00:09:30)

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Snow Job - S2-E18

Continuity mistake: When Coach walks out from behind the bar near the start, he's got feathers almost up to his knees. Then when he turns around to walk back, they're now only over his feet. (00:03:55)

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Woody: Jack Frost nipping at your toes, Mr. Peterson?
Norm: Yeah, now let's get Joe Beer nipping at my liver.

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One for the Road (3) - S11-E28

Question: When I streamed this episode, there were a couple of small scenes missing (Sam explaining that his cigars were a gift from Fidel Castro via Reggie Jackson; Sam kissing Rebecca goodbye). I know they used to cut scenes to cram in more commercials after the initial broadcast, but with a streaming service, you're not limited to a time slot. Why not air the whole thing?

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Answer: They sometimes acquire episodes from syndicated reruns. The ones with the cut scenes. Sundance channel have some episodes of M.A.S.H. uncut.

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