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The Bartender's Tale - S3-E23

Revealing mistake: When Frasier comes into the chalet after skiing he doesn't show any of the visible effects after a hard day on the slopes. Meaning, his face isn't even flushed from the cold, his hair is perfectly combed after wearing a hat and there is not even a drop of snow on his boots.

Tobin OReilly

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Woody: How can Darth Vader be Luke Skywalker's father? They don't even have the same last name.

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One for the Road (3) - S11-E28

Question: When I streamed this episode, there were a couple of small scenes missing (Sam explaining that his cigars were a gift from Fidel Castro via Reggie Jackson; Sam kissing Rebecca goodbye). I know they used to cut scenes to cram in more commercials after the initial broadcast, but with a streaming service, you're not limited to a time slot. Why not air the whole thing?

Brian Katcher

Answer: They sometimes acquire episodes from syndicated reruns. The ones with the cut scenes. Sundance channel have some episodes of M.A.S.H. uncut.

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