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Question: Can someone please explain why Alistair's face is never shown, and why there is one actor who does his voice and another to portray him from the neck down?

Answer: It's just supposed to be funny. It's an old plot ploy that's been overused in recent years. The last time it was really funny was when Home Improvement did it with the next door neighbor. I think they use a different voice because they like the way that actor's voice sounds.

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Question: How come neither good nor evil want Charity and Miguel to be together? I only started watching this show a year or so ago but I still can't figure out why at least good forces wouldn't want the two to be together.

Answer: I don't know about good not wanting them to be together, but I know the evil side doesn't want them together because once they sleep together, then Charity's powers will multiply, and she will be a driving force against the evil darkside.

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Plot hole: During the party where it was revealed that Ethan is not a Crane and Theresa knew he wasn't, Gwen accidentally reveals she also knew. Even though he is upset with Theresa for keeping it a secret, Ethan says he can forgive her because he thinks she kept it a secret to protect him and that she never would have revealed the information to the tabloid. But Gwen says 'then why did she save the document on her lap top?' How did Gwen know the information was on Theresa's lap top? When she says that, it reveals that not only did she know that Ethan was not a Crane but that she knew Theresa knew, and that she was probably the one that sent the info to the tabloid.

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Jessica Bennett: You can't give up on Charity, Miguel. Would Leonardo give up on Kate? Would Ross give up on Rachel? Would Bo give up on Hope?

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Trivia: Josh Ryan Evans died in surgery on August 5, 2002 mere hours after his character Timmy was killed off on that day's episode.


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