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Treehouse of Horror XIII - S14-E1

Continuity mistake: When everyone has been turned into animals, Police Cheif Wiggum, as a pig, takes off his tattered shorts and throws them into the fire. Later in the scene he's magically wearing them again. (00:19:40)

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Krusty Gets Busted - S1-E12

Continuity mistake: When Marge is throwing all the Krusty merchandise into a bag, the bag changes from grey to brown between shots.

Itchy & Scratchyland - S6-E4

Continuity mistake: When Cletus takes a picture of one of the robots at the parade, the old lady next to him changes from black to white between shots.


Bart's Inner Child - S5-E7

Deliberate mistake: When Homer pushes the trampoline off the cliff, there is no rock below the falling trampoline. However, in the shot at the bottom a tall rock is visible which was drawn there on purpose for the trampoline to bounce off of, despite not being visible in the first shot.

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Tree House of Horror V - S6-E6

Continuity mistake: In 'Time and Punishment,' in the basement, as soon as Homer puts the back of the toaster back on, two pink wires taped to the side of the toaster suddenly appear. (00:09:30)

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The Homer They Fall - S8-E3

Continuity mistake: The extension cord Jimbo is using for a belt disappears after they run around the corner of the corridor whilst chasing Bart.


Insane Clown Poppy - S12-E3

Continuity mistake: When Krusty is telling his daughter that he lost her violin, keep an eye on the door of the appartment. A grey bar appears and disappears on the door underneath the "eyeglass" between shots.

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Scuse Me While I Miss the Sky - S14-E16

Audio problem: In Declan Desmond's film of Springfield Elementary shown at the end, Kearney and Dolph start beating Jimbo up. After Kearney says "Sellout," he says "Yuppie" in Dolph's voice. Then Dolph says "Soccer Mom" but in Kearney's voice.

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You Only Move Twice - S8-E2

Continuity mistake: When Homer is walking and talking with Hank Scorpio when he first arrives at work there is reversed "J" on Homer's tie that comes and goes between shots.

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Tree House of Horror VI - S7-E6

Factual error: In "Nightmare On Evergreen Terrace", Martin has a dream, in which he speaks Latin. At one point, he says a verb that doesn't exist: "morire". The words is "mori" (to die), "moritur" (noun dies) or "moreris" (you die). The "moirie" is also on the blackboard behind Martin. (00:08:20)

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Tree House of Horror V - S6-E6

Continuity mistake: When Skinner is cooking the kids, he and the cook are chasing Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse. From the back, he has an apron tied around his neck. In the next shot, he puts on an apron.

Tree House of Horror X - S11-E4

Continuity mistake: In the flashback, the car moves a lot further than it did originally after hitting Ned.

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Today, I am a Klown - S15-E6

Continuity mistake: When Lisa is helpfully explaining what a Bar Mitzvah is, Krusty's new puppy loses its red lead. (00:07:30)


Homer Defined - S3-E5

Continuity mistake: When Homer tells Carl and Lenny about the movie they watched, they change positions, and there is much more on the table. (00:03:35)


Bart the Murderer - S3-E4

Other mistake: When the wheel falls off Bart's skateboard, in the shot where he curves left sharply, you don't see the school in the background. How could he be at the social club if he just left school? (00:05:20)


Bart the Murderer - S3-E4

Continuity mistake: Bart's drawing of Principal Skinner is gone when Mrs. Krabappel says that he is missing. (00:14:05)


Homer Defined - S3-E5

Revealing mistake: If you look carefully in Mr. Burns' surveillance cameras, the workers are identical. (00:02:50)


Bart After Dark - S8-E5

Continuity mistake: When Marge goes to see Belle at the Maison Derriere she sits down with her.At first there is a white ornament on the small table in front of them but then at the end of the scene it has vanished.

Krusty Gets Busted - S1-E12

Continuity mistake: In "Krusty Gets Busted", Krusty's natural skin colour is established as yellow. In "Brush With Greatness" we see him wiping off the clown makeup to reveal that he has yellow skin. But in "Homer's Triple Bypass", he comes to visit Homer, with his white clown face, and tells him that "this isn't make-up". Other episodes after that also show that his skin is white.

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Kamp Krusty - S4-E1

Continuity mistake: When the kids rip Krusty's shirt to see if it is the real him he buttons his shirt up then in the next shot his shirt is still torn.

Tree House of Horror X - S11-E4

[The Simpsons are driving down a road as fast as possible.]
Homer: Dear God, it's Homer. If you really love me you'll save my life now.
[The gas needle immediately drops to empty and the car stops.]
Homer: D'oh.

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Trivia: The Simpsons holds the record for most guest stars; it is also the only non-variety show to have had appearances from three former Beatles (Paul, George and Ringo).

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