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The Way We Was - S2-E12

Revealing mistake: While Homer is waiting for Marge to come downstairs, both Patty and Selma are wearing turtlenecks. When Homer thanks Mr. Bouvier, in the next wide shot as the twins nod their heads, both of their turtlenecks are not colored in properly at their torsos, so the background is visible through their bodies. (00:16:30)

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The Way We Was - S2-E12

Continuity mistake: While Homer and Barney are smoking in the boys bathroom, when Principal Dondelinger walks in on them the "boys" sign on the exterior side of the door disappears in the closeup, but the sign reappears as Dondelinger exits. The door push plates on both sides of the swing door also vanish/reappear during the scene. (00:04:35)

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The Way We Was - S2-E12

Continuity mistake: When Marge comes downstairs she's shocked to see Homer in her house, and when the doorbell rings we see Mrs. Bouvier wearing an orange belt with a red buckle, but then the colors switch to an orange buckle and the belt center is red. (00:16:45)

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The Simpsons mistake picture

The Way We Was - S2-E12

Continuity mistake: When Homer stands outside the Bouvier house to pick up Marge, the home's front door has three diagonal windows from upper left to lower right. However, when Marge gets home later after the prom, the three windows are diagonal the opposite way from upper right to lower left. (00:16:10 - 00:21:00)

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The Cartridge Family - S9-E5

TV Announcer: The Continental Soccer Association is coming to Springfield. It's all here: fast kicking, low scoring. And ties? You bet.
Bart: Hey Dad, how come you've never taken us to see a soccer game?
Homer: I don't know.
TV Announcer: You'll see all your favorite soccer stars. Like Arriaga, Arriaga II, Barriaga, Aruglia, and Pizzozza.
Homer: Oh, I've never heard of those people.
TV Announcer: And they'll all be signing autographs.
Homer: Woohoo!
TV Announcer: This match will determine once and for all which nation is the greatest on Earth. Mexico or Portugal.

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Trivia: The only voice artists who regularly perform as only one character are Yeardley Smith as Lisa and Marcia Wallace as Edna Krabappel. Yeardley has also voiced different versions of Lisa (Lisa Jr. and Lisabella) in at least two other episodes.

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Tree House of Horror V - S6-E6

Question: Homer travels back in time and causes changes by what he does in the past, like stepping on a bug. I once saw a movie with the same basic plot: some people travel back in time and are told to be careful not to disturb anything, but when they return to their time everything has changed. In the end they discover it was because they stepped on a butterfly. Does anyone know the name of this movie?

Answer: I'm not sure if this is the one you're thinking of, but an episode of "Ray Bradbury Theatre," called "A Sound of Thunder," dealt with a similar matter: a group of hunters travel back in time to hunt dinosaurs, only to find things have changed when they get back because someone stepped on a butterfly.


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