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Lee Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother - S4-E21

Character mistake: Jack's older brother Lee comes for a visit. In the second season when Jack's Uncle visits, both make note of Jack being his only nephew. Lee would be his other nephew.

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Suggested correction: Although it's not stated in the show, theoritically speaking, it WOULD be accurate if Jack and Lee were HALF-brothers (with same father since both last names are Tripper) and Fremont was the brother of Jack's mother, then Jack COULD be his only nephew as Lee would have NO relation to Fremont.

I submitted the above correction based on a theory that would make it possible, although in reviewing one of the scenes involving Jack's Uncle, I realise this would not be the specific case. Uncle Fremont most likely is the brother of Jack's father (not mother like the theory) due to the fact when he tells Mr. Roper that Jack's father is happily married but that doesn't stop him from having "fun" with a friendly nudge. He most likely would not say that if it was against his own sister. So yes, the theory didn't apply in this specific situation. Instead, the situation here is during the Roper early seasons, the episode came out with the Uncle and a year or two later (during the Furley era) Lee was intruduced. Neither were ever mentioned in any other episode so it could be simple inconsistent screenwriting.

The Crush - S3-E10

Plot hole: Janet and Chrissy accuse Jack of making the fake BBQ telegram. However, Jack was at The Apartment the whole time, never left once until after he found out Lori was the one who made the telegram. If it was Jack who made the fake telegram, he would have had to leave The Apartment to do that.

Shaheed Simon
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Suggested correction: True, there's no logical way that Jack could have sent the telegram. But Janet and Chrissy were upset about it - when someone's upset, they don't always think in a logical way.

Or he could've called Larry and had him set it up but I don't think he ever used the phone to call anyone.

In Like Larry - S5-E15

Continuity mistake: Larry gives Cindy and Janet gifts to thank them for letting him live with them, so Janet gives him a kiss. However, three seasons later in the episode "Friends and Lovers," Janet kisses Larry at her wedding to which Larry says "Janet, that's the first time you've ever kissed me."

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Stanley Roper: I want my rent.
Helen Roper: Stanley, where are your manners? You're supposed to say hello when you walk into a room.
Stanley Roper: Hello, I want my rent.

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Up in the Air - S6-E25

Trivia: In the episode where Janet asks Jack if she's a bad kisser, take a look at Janet when he kisses her. Jack unexpectedly slip Janet his tongue (which surprises the audience as well) and that throws Janet off and shocks her. Her surprised face is not acting, and was really surprised he did that. You'll also notice that when they part, she can't keep a straight face.

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A Man About the House - S1-E1

Question: I never understood the meaning of the dialogue in a scene with the Ropers in the first episode. Stanley says to Helen something like "Too bad you're not from India - you'd be sacred there." Helen then comes back by saying "and contented." What did both of these phrases mean?

Answer: Mr. Roper was basically comparing Mrs. Roper to a cow, which is a sacred and highly revered animal among Hindus; Mrs. Roper's retort meant that she wasn't happy with her marriage or current station in life, so she'd be happier as a cow in India.

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