Three's Company

Snow Job - S4-E4

Question: Lana Shields became a regular cast member then she disappeared from show without any explanation, why?

Answer: No official explanation was given for why the Lana Shields character was abruptly written out after a handful of episodes. Ann Wedgeworth, the actress who played Lana, said she was never given a reason, but according to Wedgeworth's daughter, her late mother was unhappy playing a one-dimensional character that had little development potential. The daughter said Wedgeworth and the Three's Company producers came to a mutual agreement for her to leave the show.

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Answer: John Ritter also said in interviews that there was no way that Jack would continue to resist Lana's advances since she was attractive and Jack was notoriously sex-crazed, so that could have been a factor as well.


The New Landlord - S4-E3

Question: How can Jack, Janet and Chrissy confuse Ralph Furley's furniture with Mr. Roper's? They have been to Mr. Roper's apartment so many times that they should have known that furniture was not Mr. Roper's.

Answer: As the Ropers were the landlords, it's possible they kept unused furniture in the building storeroom or an unrented apartment (or so Jack might have assumed).

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No Children, No Pets - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: After Jack brings the puppy over to the girls, the box he brought the puppy in was placed on the back end of their couch. At one point, it is knocked over, and you can see it falling down to the floor (past Janet). In a few shots, it's back on the table, and none of the characters were in a position to pick it up to place it back there.

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Diane McMillan: Janet, do you know what I do for a living?
Janet Wood Dawson: Of course I do! It's right here on your card in black and white. Diane McMillan, The Rapist.
Jack Tripper: That's therapist.
Janet's Father: She always did have trouble with her reading.

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Trivia: Of all 5 roommates (Jack, Janet, Chrissy, Cindy, Terri), the only parent of a roommate never to appear in any episode is Cindy's mother.

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