Only Fools and Horses
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally1
Season 1
Season 1 generally0
1Big Brother7
2Go West Young Man3
3Cash and Curry3
4The Second Time Around5
5A Slow Bus to Chingford4
6The Russians Are Coming11
Season 2
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1The Long Legs of the Law4
2Ashes to Ashes2
3A Losing Streak1
4No Greater Love...1
5The Yellow Peril3
6It Never Rains...0
7A Touch of Glass2
Season 3
Season 3 generally0
2Healthy Competition8
3Friday the 14th5

Strained Relations - S4-E2

Revealing mistake: When everyone's back at the flat, as Del Boy is looking straight down the hallway to his and Rodney's bedroom, someone comes up to him and he turns around. When it goes from his close-up to the wide shot of everyone else the shadow of the camera reversing backwards is visible for a few seconds.

David Hutchinson
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Modern Men - S8-E2

Mike: Well?
Trigger: Well what?
Mike: What are they naming the baby?
Trigger: If it's a girl, they're calling her Sigourney, after an actress. And if it's a boy, they're calling him Rodney, after Dave.

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The Jolly Boys' Outing - S99-E8

Trivia: When Albert crashes the boat at the seaside, the little boy who laughs at him is Mickey Pearce's son in real life.

Joe Mc
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Show generally

Question: What exactly did Del and Rodney's mother die of?


Chosen answer: An apparent long string of illnesses.

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