Muse to My Ears - S4-E9

Other mistake: The one demon that knew about the 40s party was vanquished, and he went straight from spying on Paige and Phoebe at P3 to "glamouring" into Leo at the Manor. He had no way of telling Devlin about the 40s party, and yet it was still full of demons waiting to kill the Charmed Ones, with Devlin "glamoured" into Melody as a trap. And Devlin didn't even have that power - the demon that was vanquished did.

Charmed and Dangerous - S4-E13

Other mistake: In this episode, the Source talks about the "Ultimate Power" being the Hollow. But in Season 8, we learn that the "Ultimate Power" is Billy and Christy. (And they end up taking in the Hollow, so now are they the "Ultime Power" times 2?) Which is it? It can't be both. (00:02:05)

A Paige from the Past - S4-E10

Other mistake: After Piper freezes the first crime scene that Cole and Phoebe (aka Frankie and Lulu) have hit, Piper unfreezes Darryl by touching him but at the beginning of the the episode when Piper and Cole are touching the car that Piper froze, to stop it from exploding after a car crash, while trying to help the woman inside, the car never unfreezes. This is somewhat inconsistent through the entire show a lot of times they can unfreeze things by touching them and then a lot of times they can only unfreeze things by Piper using her pointer finger to either unfreeze a head or a foot or some other body part. (00:30:15)

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Suggested correction: This is obviously due to intent - just touching something wouldn't unfreeze it unless Piper intended that.

Witch Way Now? - S4-E22

Other mistake: After they talk to the Angel of Destiny for the first time, they send Leo to ask the Elders if he is legit. After Leo leaves they find out about Agent Jackman, and the following events unfold. After Jackman busts them Piper calls for Leo and tells him "It's OK, you can orb" and he appears asking her "What about Agent Jackman?" Except that Leo was gone before they found out about him and the girls hadn't told Leo yet that he even existed. (00:09:09 - 00:21:58)

Trial by Magic - S4-E11

Other mistake: When Phoebe is trying to summon Angela the spell doesn't work and Leo says that she needs the power of three. We've seen this spell done with just one sister in the past and it's never explained why they'd need to do it together this time.

Saving Private Leo - S4-E17

Other mistake: This entire episode the ghost brothers whine that Leo is responsible for them dying and he left them to die, even Leo believes this. It makes no sense. As we see in the flashback even if Leo stayed to help they were blown up moments later and still would have died.


Womb Raider - S4-E21

Other mistake: Piper tells Page that her doctor told her she probably wouldn't be able to conceive because of scar tissue from blunt force trauma. But Leo has healed Piper, if there was scar tissue after Leo heals, then all 3 girls should be covered in scars.


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Suggested correction: They are thrown around quite a bit before even finding out Leo is a whitelighter. Also, he doesn't heal them every time they get thrown or hit in the abdomen. In fact, we usually don't see him heal them at all if they're just thrown across the room or punched in the gut, unless there's a visible wound.

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Suggested correction: Piper says in the episode that she allowed him creative control because the club wasn't doing well, and he was well-known to be good at what he does. It's made clear throughout the episode, by way of him telling her multiple times that if she doesn't like it that he'll get rid of it, that she still has full veto power on any changes.

Enter the Demon - S4-E4

Other mistake: Yenlo explains that he escaped limbo through the water in the clouds. And the yen master says there is no other water around. So why do the girls come in through a cave? If they have to leave through the water in the clouds they should enter through the clouds.


My Three Witches - S6-E6

Plot hole: When Gith takes the potion from Chris, he ends up stomping on it and shattering the potion bottle - making contact with the potion. We've seen that potions don't have to be thrown by someone who's even a witch for them to work (like when Cole's powers were stripped etc) so why on earth would he do this? And how did it not vanquish him? There are other ways he could have gotten rid of the potion that didn't involve a way that really should have vanquished him.

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Answer: That was a mistake in the series.

Also, the episode is called 'Babies First Demon' and this alone tells us that it's Wyatt's first time in the field (so to speak) and as the sisters say, they've done a good job of clearing up their own magical messes so far. Nobody really knows how advanced Wyatt's powers are, or will become. That's why the cleaners appear, to nip things in the bud. The Cleaners didn't want to chance that the sisters could clean Wyatt's magic up, just incase they couldn't. Therefore intervening themselves, just in case.

Chosen answer: When the cleaners first surface in season 6 it is mentioned that usually the girls have been able to clean up their own messes (as seen in season 3 episode 22 when Phoebe turns back time thus concluding in the death of Prue).

Answer: Because they wanted them to fix their own mistakes.

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