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Spin City - S6-E18

Continuity mistake: When the spider demon cocoons Piper, Paige throws a blue potion (the vanquishing potion) at her, Chris catches it and jumps over the couch, knocks Paige to the floor and Phoebe kicks Chris. The potion falls out of Chris hand and rolls into Paige's open hand, it has now turned yellow (the antidote) Paige grabs it as she stands and throws it at the spider demon again and it has now turned back into the blue potion.

julie sheridan

Spin City - S6-E18

Revealing mistake: When Piper is being spun in the web, she spins around and gets stuck to the wall. If you look closely Chris's eyes look above the CGI figure and do not follow it correctly.

Paige: Well, you wanted to live like us. Now you get to die like us.

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Trivia: Lori Rom was originally cast as Phoebe but left the show after filming the pilot episode for personal reasons.

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Chosen answer: Her agent/manager negotiated a special billing as part of her contract. It distinguishes her from the rest of the cast, probably when she became a producer on the show.

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