A Knight to Remember - S4-E6

Corrected entry: When Phoebe picks up the cordless phone to call Paige before the Shocker Demon attacks for the first time, the cordless phone is white but then after the attack, when the cordless is on the floor, it's black.

Correction: Please rewatch the scene. The cordless phone is not white. Both the cordless phone and its base are black when Phoebe picks it up to call Paige (viewed on Netflix).

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Love Hurts - S1-E21

Corrected entry: After the darklighter takes Daisy, Phoebe suggests switching powers back would be faster, Leo says it would take too long. In the time it takes Leo to coach Piper and help her locate Daisy, they could have switched powers, Leo could have located her, and orbed them all to Daisy.


Correction: Leo states that he is still too weak to use his powers which is why it would take longer if they switched powers back.

Something Wicca This Way Goes - S7-E22

Corrected entry: The sisters are preparing for a big showdown with Zankou and vaguely discussing their plan. They don't outright say it (so as not to give it away) but discuss how they wished they "had learned it sooner" but "Prue was very protective of it." They're discussing astral projection which originally was stated as a Prue-specific power and not one that could be taught. The show ignored the original introduction of the power as developing naturally as one of Prue's powers, and was not an ability that could be learned, just so the episode had a way for the sisters to defeat Zankou. (00:30:20)

Deirdre Statham

Correction: In which episode did they say astral projection couldn't be learned? In the series, the sisters aren't the only one to learn to astral project and the series has indicated it is one of the few powers that can be taught. Additionally, others have gained this ability through spells or other means. The monkey injected with Prue's blood could astral project.


Correction: Ok, that might be true in some way, but during the whole series, the sisters have proven that they can basically make a spell or potion for anything, that's why they are the almighty Charmed ones. At some point during the series, they had lost their powers (again) and Piper had made a potion to replicate her blasting power. So it is totally possible that Prue had figured out a way to replicate her natural power of astral projection trough a spell. When the triade first came into the picture, Prue studied the Book all the time and practiced her powers in every way that she could so she could protect her sisters. So it is entirely possible that she found a way to share her power.

The Importance of Being Phoebe - S5-E11

Corrected entry: Close to the end of the episode, when Phoebe is going into the house pretending to be Kaia pretending to be Phoebe, Paige and Piper tell Phoebe that the demon twirls her hair, a lot. Cole also brought this to our attention much earlier in the episode. Phoebe says she's got it, and goes into the house. Paige had indicated that the problem with getting into the house was that there's a "whole load of demons" and a force field. Phoebe was to impersonate Kaia in order to get past all of these defenses. But throughout the whole time she's in the house, Phoebe never twirls her hair. (00:38:40)

Correction: That's true, but she had already proved herself to be Kaia to the demon actually guarding the door. So it's possible that the demons inside the house didn't pay that much attention to her actions after she had already been given the 'ok' by their guard.

Charmed Again (1) - S4-E1

Corrected entry: Phoebe says Piper and Prue were able to defeat Shax without the power of three and Piper's response is it was because "Prue was the strongest." Piper would have no recollection of this event as Tempus reversed time bringing Piper back from the dead in the timeline that she was shot in. The time reversal affected everyone's memory except Phoebe, Leo and Cole who were in the Underworld. (00:14:30)

Correction: I believe that Piper simply meant that statement in general and not because she actually remembered the event. She also doesn't say anything else about the timeline that was altered. In Piper's mind, Prue had always been the strongest of the three of them, because she was also the oldest. Piper and Phoebe use that statement several times throughout the series.

Correction: Also Phoebe was in the underworld and was not effected by Tempus' change, and Phoebe could have told her what happened. I assume they all know what happened before the time change at this point.

Reckless Abandon - S2-E11

Corrected entry: In this episode the Charmed ones state that the ghost can only be vanquished by a potion on the ghost's bones (grave) or if the haunted object is destroyed. But in episode 1-20, "The Power of Two", Prue has to die herself to be able to vanquish the ghost with a spell, and we learn then that this is the only way to vanquish ghosts.

Correction: A ghost can also vanquish a ghost using a spell as another means in addition to pouring a potion over its bones/grave.

Necromancing the Stone - S5-E21

Corrected entry: In this episode Wyatt has his wiccaning. After all of the vanquishing is done with the Necromancer, it's finally time for the wiccaning and the spell that is said is this:"I call forth from space and time, Matriarchs from the Halliwell line, Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends Our family spirit without end, To gather now in this sacred place And help bring this child to grace." In this spell it is said to bring forth "daughters and sisters" from the Halliwell line, Prue died in the third season and this is now the fifth season, shouldn't she have been summoned as well to bring her nephew Wyatt to grace?

Correction: Gram and Patty revealed in the comic book version that Prue could not be at the wiccaning because she was reincarnated to her next life as Patience because her destiny was not complete.

Witch Trial - S2-E1

Corrected entry: Right after Grams says "I Love You" to the sisters at the end, we see a close-up of Phoebe. In this shot, you can see the tear in Prue's shirt, but immediately afterwards, there is a shot of Prue where it appears to be sewn or something. (00:41:55 - 00:43:00)

Correction: It is just the way her hands/arms are placed in the next shot. It closes the gap/tear but it is not sewn.

Death Takes a Halliwell - S3-E16

Corrected entry: Unless someone else cleared out Cole's apartment, Cole/Belthazor would have been careful and smart enough not to leave behind the altar for exactly what happens in this episode.

Correction: It is never stated that Cole cleared out the apartment he wouldn't have had time to do such a thing or even cared enough. I doubt the landlord would've discovered the alter it was hidden.

The Power of Three Blondes - S6-E4

Corrected entry: When Paige tries to orb to prove her identity to Chris, she can't because Margo has cast an anti-orbing spell. But that's not possible. The Charmed Ones and Chris all orbed into the room, and Margo couldn't have cast a spell after that, or we would have seen it happen.


Correction: They could orb in, they just couldn't orb out.

Black as Cole - S4-E8

Corrected entry: In this episode Cole says "upper level demons have a human form and they bleed red, not green", but when Cole told Phoebe he was half human he said "how else could I bleed red, even in my demonic form".

Correction: He said that to Phoebe because she did not yet know that upper level demons bleed red.

Witchstock - S6-E11

Corrected entry: When Piper and Phoebe appear in the past, Penny chides them not to "use [their] magic so openly." Immediately thereafter, Penny uses magic to turn some police officer's night sticks into flowers. That was some pretty open use of magic, right there.


Correction: Well, I can't remember Penny's exact wording, but even so, if someone saw Piper and Phoebe materialize out of nowhere they would've been exposed. Penny turning the nightsticks into flowers was much less obvious, because the cops would've had no way of knowing how it happened or who was responsible for doing it.

Cat House - S5-E18

Corrected entry: Phoebe says to Paige that she didn't know that Kit was their familiar, that she was just some cat that kept hanging around on the porch. But they learned that Kit was their familiar in episode 3-17 'Pre-witched', and they also said that Kit is male, unlike the woman in this episode.

Correction: They did not learn that Kit was their familiar in "Pre-witched." The idea of familiars was introduced that episode, but they never explicitly stated that Kit was theirs. It may have been hinted towards the audience the way the cat always hung around them and such, but no one ever actually told the girls' that Kit was their familiar. Granted, you'd think they would've suspected it being witches and all, but since it wasn't actually stated until "Cat House" I would not consider it a plot hole/error. They did call Kit a boy though, and not just in that episode, so the fact that Kit turns into a woman when revealed as their familiar is certainly an error.

Love Hurts - S1-E21

Corrected entry: In this episode when Piper says the power switching spell so that she can heal Leo it switches not only her and Leo's powers, but also, Prue's and Phoebe's; however in future seasons it only affects the witches it is meant to. (00:19:00)

Correction: The first time the power switching spell was used, all of the sisters were in the room when it was cast, thus all their powers got swapped. But in the future episode this post is referring to (it specifies episodes plural, but the only other episode this spell was used in is "Ordinary Witches" from season 7) Piper and Phoebe were the only ones home when they did the spell so it didn't affect anyone else. Furthermore, in the first episode the spell was used, Prue also swapped powers with a Dark-lighter and simply had Phoebe cover her ears so as to not be affected by the spell, implying that one needs to actually hear the spell for it to have any effect.

The Demon Who Came In from the Cold - S3-E19

Corrected entry: In this episode Piper freezes Cole and the brotherhood just as the car is about to be destroyed. In season 3 episode 1 in the courtroom it's shown that Cole can't be frozen by Piper.

Correction: Piper was trying to freeze only innocents.

Something Wicca This Way Comes - S1-E1

Corrected entry: When Prue wonders where the cream is, the little container thereof slides along the table to her. Then the cream drains from the container and burbles up through her coffee. However, that's completely discontinuous with how Prue's power ever worked at any other time in the next three years. The cream should have needed to leap out of the container and into the coffee, simply traveling physically across space. (00:29:20)


Correction: Actually, Prue displays a power that is like a branch of her Telekinesis and is knows as Telematerializarion, which allows her to transport liquids through space.


Prue never possessed a power called "telematerializarion." She possessed telekinesis, which caused objects to move physically through space, and later astral projection, that created a separate manifestation of herself. Other than this single instance in the pilot, Prue never had an ability to cause objects or substance to dematerialize and materialize elsewhere. Paige's orbing telekinesis worked similarly to that, but that's not the ability Prue had.


Show generally

Corrected entry: In "From Fear to Eternity", it is established that Barbas can only appear every 1300 years for 24 hours, but because he became such a popular character, he reappeared in five subsequent episodes, the majority of which took place within a year of each other.

Cubs Fan

Correction: In the first episode with Barbas he was freed from the curse that only allowed him to appear every 1300 years, which is why he was able to show up frequently afterwards.

Season 6 generally

Corrected entry: Why doesn't Chris ever use his powers against demons? We know he can use them in this time, since he blows up Leo in "Oh My Goddess" and kills a Valkyrie in "Valhalley of the Dolls", and after "Chris-Crossed", when it was discovered he was half-witch he had no reason to hide them from the sisters, yet he never once used them against a demon, even when one of the Charmed ones is in mortal danger.


Correction: Actually Chris couldn't use his powers up until the "Chris-Crossed" episode because before this episode the sisters couldn't find out that he was part witch because then his cover as just their whitelighter would have been blown. Basically he had to keep his powers a secret until the "Chris-Crossed" episode.

Cat House - S5-E18

Corrected entry: In episode 3-9: "Coyote Piper," Piper danced sexily on the bar while the song "Unbelievable" played. She danced only to the one song before her sisters pulled her off the bar. In this episode, Phoebe and Paige physically enter Piper's memory (magically enhanced for accuracy), and a different song plays during Piper's dance, despite it being the exact same video footage. (00:33:35)


Correction: The reason why the music is different when Piper is dancing on top of the bar in the memory of the episode "Cat House" is because once the series had ended, any music that was used during the course of the series the license had ended and could no longer be used, with the future reproduction of DVDs of the series. All music that was used including the theme song was replaced, all with the exception of the scenes of the many different bands that performed at P3, which were kept and along with the show's outro music, which was composed by the show production staff Jay Gruska. Any TV networks that air the show will still have the original music, but other video media platforms such as Netflix, will have the new changes to it.

Thanks for the information, but in this case, if true, it proves that the change was made in episode 5-8 as aired on TV, because I saw music other than "Unbelievable" on television, in syndication on TNT, rather than on a platform. The reason I noticed the difference was that I watched the two episodes close together in time, both on TNT.


Cat House - S5-E18

Corrected entry: When Phoebe and Paige are in Piper's memory of her wedding, the warlock steps on the cake topper, crushing it. Piper feels a pain in her heart, and it shows it disappearing in the future, leading you to believe that it will have some significance. Yet, it is never brought up again in the series.

Correction: It foreshadows the couple's marriage falling apart next season.

Be Careful What You Witch For - S2-E22

Plot hole: When teenage Prue has run away with the demon, and Phoebe and Piper find her in the park, teenage Prue is 'killed'. Her sisters drive her home to get Leo to heal her, but shouldn't they have just been able to call to Leo to orb to them when Prue was first hurt, and heal her in the park, and save driving back to the Manor and risk Prue dying?

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Suggested correction: I see orbing to the park but he didn't heal her, she was already dead and he can't heal the dead, that's why the genie brought her back - that's what Phoebe wished for.

But if they would have called for him right away - he would have been able to heal her before she died. However at this point in time I don't think they knew how to call for him.

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Cole: Phoebe, I love you. I don't know what's going on but maybe I can help. Would you like me to kill someone for you?

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Trivia: Holly Marie Combs's real life pregnancy with her son Finley Arthur Donoho was mirrored by Piper's pregnancy with Chris in this season.

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