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PA System: Due to circumstances beyond our control, lunch will be served today.


Margaret: Act like a man, you sniveling twerp!


Your Hit Parade - S6-E18

BJ: Radar, old buddy, looking at you is like looking at money in the bank
Radar: All the other tents, they just say 'hello'
BJ: Would you like to join us?
Radar: What are you playing?
Hawkeye: Double Kranko
Radar: Yeah.
Hawkeye: Uh, bishops are worth three jacks...
Radar: Right...
Hawkeye: Checkers are wild...
Radar: Uh-huh
Hawkeye: And...you have to be twenty-one or older to open
BJ: Care to sit in for a hand?
Hawkeye: You'll get out by dawn.
Radar: Ah, no, thank you, sirs. Whenever I lose, I like to know why.

Colonel Flagg: I could kill you with one finger.

House Arrest - S3-E18

Henry Blake: Klinger! It's four o'clock in the afternoon and you're still in a housecoat? Put on a dress! You never know who might be coming around.

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Sticky Wicket - S1-E21

Hawkeye [to Frank]: You're inconsiderate, insulting with your nurses, bloody arrogant, demanding, distracting, and dumb!
Radar: Wow!
Hawkeye: And those are your good points.

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White Gold - S3-E23

Frank: Well, he, uh, ordered me to leave. He's a superior officer.
Henry: He's a superior psycho. His head's so twisted, he's gotta screw his cap on.

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Mad Dogs and Servicemen - S3-E13

Frank: Corporal Travis, Richard. To Tokyo. Typical psycho case, shell shock.
Trapper: Frank, that's straight outta World War One! Nobody thinks shell shock anymore.
Frank: Oh, what's the diff? Too much action gets them in the old brain box; makes even the best soldier gaga.
Trapper: Frank, I defy you to show me a medical book that lists the word 'gaga'.

The Colonel's Horse - S5-E11

Radar: She knows you're leaving, sir. Look at her eyes.
Potter: Like Fay Wray.
Radar: I don't know her.
Potter: King King, this big monkey, carried her to the top of the Empire State Building.
Radar: Wow! I had heard there were some weirdos in New York.

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House Arrest - S3-E18

Frank: [after Hawkeye hits him] Captain Pierce, I accuse you of striking a superior officer. A court-martial offense under the Articles of War. And I have two witnesses!
Trapper: [to Hawkeye] I didn't see anything, did you?
Hawkeye: My back was turned. [Drops towel in Frank's face.] BA-DUM-BUMP!
Trapper: Case dismissed.

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Bulletin Board - S3-E16

Frank: [on Margaret's request] I just can't do it, Margaret. It just rubs against the grain. "Neither a lender nor a borrower be." Polonius.
Margaret: "To give, and not count the cost." St. Ignatius Loyola
Frank: "The holy passion of friendship is of so sweet, and steady, and loyal and enduring a nature, that it will last throughout a whole lifetime if not asked to lend money." Mark Twain.
Margaret: "Blow it out your ear!" Margaret Houlihan.

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The Incubator - S2-E12

General Mitchell: Now wait a minute! This is a press conference! The last thing I want to do is answer a lot of questions.

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5 O'Clock Charlie - S2-E2

Trapper: Count off!
Radar: [to Hawkeye ]Are you one?
Hawkeye: Yes, are you one too?

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Chief Surgeon Who? - S1-E4

Frank: Haven't you two anything better to do when you're off duty than to lie around and swill gin?
Hawkeye: Swill gin?! Sir, I have sipped, lapped, and taken gin intravenously, but I have never swilled.

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Divided We Stand - S2-E1

Pierce: Listen, Frank. We're all gonna make nice for Captain Hildebrandt today, but don't push us.
Burns: Well, a shave wouldn't be a bad start. You both look more like bums than doctors.
Trapper: Actually, I was, uh, I was thinking of becoming a bum doctor. But the proctology class was full!
Burns: HA! HA! HA!

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Henry Blake: You're always wrong, Frank. That's what's so right about you.

Dr. Sidney Freedman: I haven't washed my hands since I became a psychiatrist.

Col. Potter: Please excuse these two, they're themselves today.

Henry Blake: Do we have enough sherry and ginger-ale for the General?
Radar: Oh, nobody does, sir.
Henry Blake: Oh, fine then, if nobody does we don't have to, but make sure we do, just in case we don't.

Margaret: Oh, Frank. You're so above average.

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Depressing News - S9-E12

Factual error: When Klinger's walking with Captain Allen and the Stars and Stripes photographer, just before their introductions to "Ben" they pass an empty corrugated box with its flap open, and the recycling symbol can be seen on the flap. Recycling symbols were not in use until about 20 years later.

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Trivia: Gary Burghoff's left hand was slightly deformed, and he often hid it behind his clipboard during filming.

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That's Show Biz - S10-E1

Question: Talking with stripper Candy Doyle, Potter remarks that he still remembers how she used to spin her tassels and that he is reminded of this every time he sees a C 42 revving up. On the net I do find references to a C40A, a C47 and others, but no reference to an aircraft of the time called a C 42. What would he have been referring to?

Answer: The C-42 was a military variant of the Douglas DC-2. Very few C-42's were built, so it's questionable that Potter would specifically have seen that particular model, but, given his military background, it's not entirely unreasonable that he might use the military designation even when the aircraft in question is actually a civilian DC-2.

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