The Sniper - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: At the picnic, the basket is sitting with the end towards the camera, and bottle of liquor in it. Before the first shot from The Sniper, the basket is sideways, and the bottle in front towards the camera on the ground.

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The Sniper - S2-E10

Revealing mistake: When The Sniper begins his attack, a sandlot football game is in progress in the compound. As the quarterback goes back to throw a pass, he waits just long enough for the ball to be "shot" out of his hand.

The Sniper - S2-E10

Other mistake: When Hawkeye and Trapper make Frank up to look like MacArthur, as they put the pipe in the "sleeping" Frank's mouth, he opens a bit wider, and bites down on the stem, then says his last line of the episode.

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The Sniper - S2-E10

Revealing mistake: When the bottle of liquor is shot, there's no bullet hole in the basket that's right behind it, nor does the basket move from the impact.

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The Sniper - S2-E10

Revealing mistake: Toward the end of the episode, Henry is talking to a general on the phone when the chopper is coming in. He's trying to tell the man that he can't hear him. As he continues trying to talk, he gives up, and hangs the receiver up on the skeleton's head. If you look, you can see the hook that was conveniently placed for the gag.

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Sometimes You Hear the Bullet - S1-E17

Henry Blake: All I know is what they taught me at command school. There are certain rules about a war, and rule number one is that young men die. And rule number two is that doctors can't change rule number one.

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Bug Out (60 mins.) - S5-E1

Trivia: Early on in this episode a scene takes place in the shower between Harry Morgan and William Christopher. Right before the scene ends William pulls the chain on the lever for the shower to turn on, but the water doesn't come on; in fact when he notices the water doesn't come on, he holds onto the chain and the lever actually comes off. You can tell by his facial expressions this was totally unexpected, but since this was the end of the scene and no further dialog was needed, it was left in.

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Cease-Fire - S1-E23

Question: General Clayton says that he confirmed the news of a ceasefire with "CINCOMPAC" (according to the subtitles). What the heck is CINCOMPAC?

Answer: It is actually Cencompac for Central Command of the Pacific. It is like the headquarters for all military activity in the Pacific Region (Japan, Korea, Okinawa, etc. The newer version of that is United States Pacific Command (USPACOM).

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