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Field of Fire - S7-E13

Continuity mistake: As the episode begins, Ilario was referred to as an Ensign by Bashir and Dax. When he was found murdered the next morning, Odo referred to him as Lieutenant Ilario.

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Suggested correction: Bashir refers to him as Lieutenant Junior Grade while making his toast. Ilario's rank insignia are that of a Lt (JG).

The Die is Cast (2) - S3-E21

Plot hole: Earlier in the season, it was established that The Jem'Hadar are genetically engineered to be loyal to the Changelings, meaning they will not deliberately harm them. With that in mind, the Changelings still care about Odo's well being despite his refusal to return to them. So why didn't the Lovok Changeling send a message to The Jem'Hadar ships to inform them that a Changeling was going to be on the runabout? Given that he took time to offer another chance to return to his people, you would think he'd take time to make sure he returned to the station safely.

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Suggested correction: Maybe The Jem'Hadar were trying to disable the runabout to try and capture Odo and Garak.

Defiant - S3-E9

Plot hole: Thomas Riker is able to steal the Defiant partially because he's a genetic double for and not a clone of Will Riker. Thomas Riker's existence is not a secret. Star Fleet is aware that the first officer of their flagship has a genetic duplicate who resigned and is out there somewhere. There should be something in place to verify Will's location before giving Thomas access. But then, of course, we wouldn't have an episode.

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Suggested correction: At this point Thomas Riker is still a Starfleet officer. There is no need to lock him out of accessing the Defiant's systems as he is considered just as trustworthy as Will.

They say that he had expressed political opinions that supported the Maquis, not that he had resigned from Starfleet. A large number of Starfleet officers supported the Maquis' intentions, but still stayed loyal to Starfleet.

No, Thomas Riker accessed the Defiant under the guise of being Will Riker, and Major Kira released the lockouts being under that impression.


Exactly. NOBODY in Star Fleet has thought "Well, what if one of them claims to be the other? How do we tell them apart?"

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The Ship - S5-E2

Other mistake: Dax says that T'Lor (the blue-shirted alien) had the away team's only medkit, but when he was shot and killed, T'Lor only had a phaser rifle on him.

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Suggested correction: Just as T'Lor is shot and falls off the runabout you can see the med kit hanging from his right shoulder on a strap.

Facets - S3-E25

Plot hole: How could Jadzia have been unaware that Curzon was infatutated with her if she inherited all his memories after being joined?

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Suggested correction: It is known from Joran Dax that memories held by the symbiont can be repressed. Moreover, Jadzia Dax has often commented that the memories accrued over several lifetimes can become blurred together. The Trill rite of closure ceremony (DS9: Facets) allows the memories of each host to be extracted and then placed in the mind of a volunteer to approximate (quite well, it would seem) the experience of talking to a past host as if they were still alive. The very existence of this ceremony suggests that the memories are not wholly available to to the current host; otherwise, why should the current host elect to become completely separated from their previous hosts' memories in exchange for clarity? Thus, there is ample evidence in the show to allow the possibility that Jadzia Dax was unaware of Curzon Dax's infatuation.

The Ship - S5-E2

Character mistake: At the end, Sisko blames the deaths of the runabout crew (Hoya, Rooney and Bertram) on himself and the Vorta not trusting each other. However, the runabout was destroyed before any negotiations had taken place, and even before any Jem'Hadar or Vorta had landed on the planet, so their deaths were largely unavoidable. Even the later deaths of T'Lor and Muniz were caused by the first firefight, again, before any negotiations had happened.

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Suggested correction: Alternatively, Sisko could also be referring to the general mistrust that exists between Starfleet and the Dominion, which is constantly threatening to boil over into full scale war. Without that prejudicial mistrust and paranoia, The Jem'Hadar would have likely never killed Muniz or attacked the runabout. Indeed, it can be said both sides inability to negotiate throughout the episode is due to their mutual belief that the other side cannot be trusted under any circumstances.

Extreme Measures - S7-E23

Other mistake: Sloan arrived at the station to destroy the cure, and he and Bashir discuss the fact Sloan has to know what it is to be able to find it in Bashir's lab to be able to get rid of it. Sloan counters he could destroy the whole lab, and Bashir dismisses this as not subtle enough for Sloan. Obviously they've both forgotten that Bashir has perfect memory, so he'd need to be killed to get rid of the cure as well, not just destroy the lab. Something which Bashir would have brought up to back his point up, or Sloan could have used to defend his idea, destroying the lab with Bashir inside, getting rid of both.

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Suggested correction: Sloan certainly knew what he was looking for. Bashir found the cure in Sloan's mind.

Suggested correction: It doesn't matter that he may have had to kill Bashir, the point still stands. Sloan didn't know what he was looking for, and he would rather not destroy everything. If he had to kill Bashir, he would at least wait until he was certain any existing samples of a cure and any remaining research towards it had been destroyed. At this point in the conversation, it is completely irrelevant.

Suggested correction: The issue here is that Bashir doesn't have the cure. He lured Sloan to the station to find the cure. Killing Bashir does nothing as he doesn't have the cure.

Rejoined - S4-E6

Factual error: When Major Kira was introducing Lieutenant Commanders Dax and Worf to the arriving Trill scientists, she introduces them as Commander Dax and Worf. While in informal conversation, they could be addressed as Commander, when making formal introductions, the person making the introductions would use their full proper rank. This is an error that no ranking officer would make, especially not twice. (00:03:10)


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Suggested correction: And when was this established? If you are basing this error on modern American military protocols, there is no reason Starfleet in the 24th century would follow the same rules and traditions.

Yes, although it's not just American military introductions, it's pretty standard in most militaries to use full rank when making formal introductions, which has been followed for the most part by the writers, with other introductions that have happened onscreen.


The House of Quark - S3-E3

Other mistake: When the Klingon, Kozak, falls on his knife during his fight with Quark his blood is a deep red. It should be pink like any other Klingon. (00:02:20)

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Suggested correction: Klingon blood is only shown as pink in the film Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and in the series Star Trek: Discovery. In the case of the former, the blood was shown as pink/lavender to have it appear alien and also to avoid rating issues (that much blood would have given the film an R rating). This is an inconsistency in the entire Star Trek universe at large, or perhaps only in those two stated instances, and not a mistake in this particular episode as the number of times Klingon blood has been red greatly outweighs the few times it has been shown as pink.


Penumbra (1) - S7-E17

Continuity mistake: Throughout this episode you will notice that Ezri Dax's pips change. One moment she has two full pips on her collar and at other times, only one is filled in while the other remains black.


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Q-Less - S1-E7

Q: You hit me! Picard never hit me.
Sisko: I'm not Picard.
Q: Indeed not. You're much easier to provoke.

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Valiant - S6-E22

Trivia: Valiant was the original working name for the USS Defiant when it was being designed for the show.


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Chosen answer: No. He's given his name, that's all. Nothing there that might lead to a paradox. If he's gone into detail about his time travelling, that might cause an issue or two, but simply stating his name does nothing.

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Answer: No more so than Sisko posing for a photo in the 21st century while pretending to be Gabriel Bell.

Answer: His last name is something Kirk will forget, since he was on temporary assignment and essentially passing through.

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