Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
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Q-Less - S1-E7

Q: You hit me! Picard never hit me.
Sisko: I'm not Picard.
Q: Indeed not. You're much easier to provoke.

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The Way of the Warrior (1) - S4-E1

Julian Bashir: They broke seven of your transverse ribs and fractured your clavicle!
Elim Garak: Ah, but I got off several cutting remarks which no doubt did serious damage to their egos.

Looking for par'Mach in all the Wrong Places - S5-E3

Quark: So, what brings you to my humble establishment? Business or pleasure?
Grilka: The recent hostilities between the Federation and the Empire have been very costly to my family. We have suffered great losses in ships, lands, warriors.
Quark: War. What is it good for? If you ask me, absolutely nothing.


The Forsaken - S1-E17

Odo: Frankly, in my humble opinion, most of you humanoids spend far too much time on your respective mating rituals.
Benjamin Sisko: It does help the procreation of one's species.
Odo: Procreation does not require changing how you smell, or writing bad poetry, or sacrificing various plants to serve as tokens of affection.


Indiscretion - S4-E5

Quark: Captain, I would think long and hard before answering.
Captain Sisko: I didn't recall asking your opinion, Quark.
Quark: Well, maybe you should. I mean, who knows more about women than me?
Dr. Bashir: Everyone.
Quark: You hu-mans. All you want to do is please your women. You want them to be your friends, but we Ferengi know better. Women are the enemy, and we treat them accordingly. The key is to never let them get the upper hand. If she says she doesn't see you enough, threaten to see her even less. If she wants more gifts, take back the ones you've already given her. It's all about control.
Jadzia Dax: What is your woman leaves you?
Quark: That's what holosuites are for.


Body Parts - S4-E25

Visible crew/equipment: During a pan-across of Quark's bar after it has been emptied out, the shadow of the camera is visible for a moment in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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If Wishes were Horses - S1-E16

Trivia: Buck Bokai's baseball card, a collectible featured on Benjamin Sisko's desk, had actor Keone Young on the front, in character, but showed "Trek" model maker Gregory Jein, who invented the "history" of the character, on the back. The pair bore an uncanny resemblance to each other.

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Chosen answer: No. He's given his name, that's all. Nothing there that might lead to a paradox. If he's gone into detail about his time travelling, that might cause an issue or two, but simply stating his name does nothing.

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Answer: No more so than Sisko posing for a photo in the 21st century while pretending to be Gabriel Bell.

Answer: His last name is something Kirk will forget, since he was on temporary assignment and essentially passing through.

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