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5 mistakes in Shindig

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Shindig - S1-E6

Revealing mistake: During the bar fight at the beginning of the episode, Mal gets knocked over and then hits one of the slavers with a chair. The chair barely touches him yet he still falls to the floor.


Shindig - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the episode, Mal, Jayne and the slavers are playing holographic snooker. One of the slavers gets ready to hit the white ball and leans over the table with his snooker cue. The holographic balls then start to malfunction. In the shot of them malfunctioning the snooker cue that the slaver was holding has disappeared from the table only to return in the following shot.


Shindig - S1-E6

Revealing mistake: At a number of points during the duel, the 'mist' in the field can be seen being pumped out from behind the tree, not drifting as it should. (00:35:25)

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Shindig - S1-E6

Visible crew/equipment: Right after Kaylee tells Mal that she's not speaking to him there is a wideshot of the ballroom dancers. In the archway at the back of the room Joss Whedon, the director/creator, walks into shot wearing a Hawaiian shirt, shorts and a baseball cap with headphones around his neck. Just as he raises his hands to speak to the dancers the shot cuts to Inara and Atherton.


Shindig - S1-E6

Continuity mistake: During the duel, after Atherton breaks Mal's sword, he puts the blade to Mal's chest with his arm straight and his wrist slightly bent. The angle changes, and Atherton is suddenly holding the sword with his elbow bent and a straight wrist, in a completely different manner. (00:37:30)


Jaynestown - S1-E4

[About Jayne's statue.]
Wash: I think they captured him. Captured his esscence, you know?
Kaylee: He looks kinda angry.
Wash: That's kinda what I meant.

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Out of Gas - S1-E5

Trivia: Wash sets up a big red button for Mal to push to call back the shuttles if help arrives. He tells him "When your miracle gets here, just hit this button". After the show got cancelled, Alan Tudyk sent the button to Joss Whedon with the same message enclosed.

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Show generally

Question: I've never seen the show myself, but I was wondering what kind of a name "Inara Serra" is. I'm assuming Inara is of Portuguese origin, but mostly because the actress was born in Brazil. Can someone please help me with this?

Answer: Inara is actually Arabic in origin; it means "ray of light" or alternatively "heaven sent". Serra, on the other hand, is Portuguese and means "mountain range" - derived from the same word in Latin, where it means 'saw' (as in the cutting implement, which a mountain range might resemble, rather than the act of seeing).

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