Seinfeld (1990)

3 mistakes in The Soul Mate

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The Soul Mate - S8-E2

Continuity mistake: When George is in the boardroom, he places his briefcase on the conference table, and opens it, with the top leaning against a carafe. As George yammers on, the briefcase is closed in a couple of shots, and then open again for the rest of the scene.

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The Soul Mate - S8-E2

Continuity mistake: George has constructed a model of the boardroom when his briefcase was destroyed. Jerry thinks George should be represented by the Yellow M&M figure. When the camera shows a close up of the figure, Jerry is holding it in a different position than the far away shots.


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Trivia: No matter who the characters in Seinfeld call, they never have to look up the phone number in the phone book. They have the phone numbers to every restaurant, hotel, and business memorised.

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The Suicide - S3-E15

Question: When George and Elaine go to see the psychic, the psychic tells George that she sees a Pauline. George gasps and says that his brother once impregnated a woman named Pauline. Since when does George have a brother? Was this brother shown or mentioned in any other episode?

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Chosen answer: George does mention his brother in the episode "The Parking Space". They actually really never mention anything that contradicts the fact he had a brother though, it just isn't mentioned.

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