Red Dwarf

Pete (2) - S8-E7

Plot hole: Pete the sparrow was dead before the time wand was used on him to become a dinosaur. When the undo button was pressed, Pete should have turned back into a dead sparrow. (00:23:10)


Out Of Time - S6-E6

Continuity mistake: When the crew fire at their future selves, Lister says 'locking on, firing'. His locks are behind his back but in the next shot they are in front of his left shoulder. (00:26:10)


Terrorform - S5-E3

Continuity mistake: Just after one of the hooded legions reads from the scroll, he manages to turn around and face the opposite direction in one camera cut. (00:10:45)


Holoship - S5-E1

Continuity mistake: After Rimmer and Nirvanah have sex, as they're getting out of bed, Nirvanah ties her robe twice. In the next shot as she's standing, the robe is open again. (00:14:00)

Season 6 generally

Revealing mistake: In several episodes, but mostly in series 6, we see lots of profile camera shots of just Lister and The Cat at the front of the cockpit in Starbug. Quite a few times you will see Lister mouth The Cat's lines so he knows when to start speaking and what to say.


The End - S1-E1

Other mistake: At the start of Rimmer's exam, the invigilator orders the students to "turn over their papers and start". Rimmer reads one side of the paper, then turns it over to read another question. The back of the paper should have been blank as otherwise there would be no point asking the students to keep the papers face down before reading the questions. (00:15:30)

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Back in the Red (3) - S8-E3

Revealing mistake: After the Cat's dance, Lister says 'we are outta here' and pulls the level, at which point the crew all fall back as if Blue Midget had rushed forwards. However, in the model shot of the ship it shows it scraping its foot on the floor before it runs forwards, meaning the crew should not have fallen back in their seats. (00:10:50)


Nanarchy - S7-E8

Lister: What, they fixed your core program and then decided they'd be better off without you?
Holly: Yeah, it was shortly after they met me.

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Answer: Presumably he does, but it's never been used in any material related to the show. He is the only Cat left (as shown in Series 1), so even if he had once had a name, nobody would know it.

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Answer: In the book, the Cat finds the concept of a name confusing, as he's convinced he's the center of the universe and the idea that someone wouldn't know who he was is baffling.

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