Star Trek: The Next Generation

Hollow Pursuits - S3-E21

Trivia: The test objects that O' Brien uses on the malfunctioning transporter are U.S. Navy sonar buoy transport cases.

Booby Trap - S3-E6

Trivia: The Promellian battle cruiser is actually the alien spacecraft from the 1986 horror parody 'Night of the Creeps'. Originally it had been designed with all the detailing on the bottom since it was only filmed from below. The production staff simply turned the model upside down and presto, instant Star Trek ship.

Allegiance - S3-E18

Trivia: In this episode, the stripe on Picard's door is light purple. Usually, the info stripes are brown with white lettering. Also, you see that Picard's quarters are on Deck 9, and has a view of space, whereas Kirk's cabin was further inside, with no windows. This was a means of protecting him from attack.

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The Ensigns of Command - S3-E2

Trivia: Due to a noisy aqueduct on the set, they had to go back and overdub virtually all of the dialogue in the pumping station scenes on the planet's surface. This is most apparent with the character of colony leader Gosheven, who was portrayed by guest actor Grainger Hines. After filming was completed, a schedule conflict prevented Hines from participating in the overdubbing sessions, so another actor rather mechanically voiced Gosheven's lines. The incongruous overdub was so obvious and so unflattering to Grainger Hines that he requested his name be dropped from the episode credits, and so it was.

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The Royale - S2-E12

Factual error: 30 seconds in Geordi says: 'surface temperature -291 degrees Celsius'. (The scale only goes down to -273.15 which is absolute zero). (00:00:30)

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Qpid - S4-E20

Worf: Captain, I must protest. I am not a merry man.

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Answer: He brought the Borg to the Alpha Quadrant and showed them that it was full of worlds waiting to be assimilated. Guinan's homeworld was their first stop, and they assimilated everyone and took over the planet, leaving The Survivors of her race without a home. Q is ultimately responsible for that.

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By the time Q takes the Enterprise to meet the Borg, Guinan already knew who they were and they had already destroyed her world. Therefore the above answer can not be right. I believe Guinan is much more than she appears, and her people have had encounters with the Q in the past. It is these interactions, that obviously were not pleasant, that fuels her distrust.


That's what the above answer is saying. Q brought the Borg to the Alpha Quadrant (not Earth) and the Borg destroyed Guinan's home world in the late 2200's, which is why she hates Q. Although she met Q in 2160 and they both saw each other as enemies right away.


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