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Skin of Evil - S1-E23

Question: Near the end when they are in the holodeck for the memorial ceremony for Lt. Yar, Dr. Crusher's uniform is green and seconds later it is blue. After watching it several times, it does not appear to be a trick of the light. What happened here? Why would she have on a green uniform in the first place?


Chosen answer: The uniform does indeed change colour. It may be due to the need for a green screen in part, or perhaps some lighting altering our perception. That being said, it certainly looks green at the start, blue thereafter.

The show has been done in HD now and not sure if they fix this problem.


Skin of Evil - S1-E23

Question: When the away team first beams down to the location where the shuttle has crash landed, the serial number on the separated nacelle is visible as 1701-D, as also seems to be inscribed on the shuttle itself. Shouldn't this serial number only appear on shuttles coming from the USS Enterprise?

Answer: The crashed shuttle is Shuttlecraft-13, which came from The Enterprise. Troi took it to the conference that she was returning from.


Coming of Age - S1-E19

Question: When Lieutenant Chang walks into the room, he says that Wesley, Oliana, T'Shanik and Mordock that even though all four of them are top candidates for entry into Starfleet Academy, only one of them will go. Why not just let all four of them go to Starfleet?

Answer: At any competitive college, university, academy, etc, there are only so many applicants accepted each year to maintain a program's quality. There would be many other candidates elsewhere who are also applying to Starfleet Academy, in addition to those four. This is also a plot device to showcase Wesley's role on the show and how he deals with competition, rejection, and not always being the smartest person. It's also a reason to explain why someone his age would still be on the Enterprise rather than moving on to higher education.

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Chosen answer: Q is a rather nasty entity hell-bent on proving that the human race are NOT the nice guys they make out to be. Q and Riker simply don't like each other and Q gives Riker the power of Q to prove a point...that power corrupts. And it almost does to Riker who uses his Q power to help, then to squander. Riker finally realizes that he's being corrupted by the power and gives it up, showing Q that he can't be swayed to the dark side.

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The Battle - S1-E9

Question: When Picard is preparing to use the Stargazer to attack the Enterprise, Data states that all its main systems are intact, and that only some minor damage was caused by fires during the earlier battle. If the Stargazer's in such good shape, why did Picard have to abandon it?


Chosen answer: The Stargazer was seriously damaged in the previous battle, which is why she had to be abandoned. When the Ferengi salvaged her, they repaired the damage to the major systems in order to get her functional, but didn't bother with the minor fire damage.

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Answer: Yes - he's played the instrument for many years.

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Season 1 generally

Question: In Season 1, Episode 23 "Skin of Evil", Tasha Yar was killed. But in the three following episodes, in the opening credits, Denise Crosby (Lt. Tasha Yar) is still listed. Am I correct in thinking that the producers decided to use the original opening credits for the remaining three episodes of the season, and changed them after Gates McFadden left the series for Season Two?

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Answer: The producers would not change the credits so near the end of the season, nor was there any reason to. She was a cast member for Season One, even if she did not appear in all episodes, and therefore is credited. It would also be expensive to redo the opening cast credits.

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Answer: Probably because he held out hope of one day reclaiming the ship.

Conspiracy - S1-E25

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of this episode, Riker orders Geordi (who was navigator at the time) to increase to Warp 6. In response, Geordi replies, "Aye sir, full impulse."

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Relics - S6-E4

Scotty: [to Holodeck Computer] The Enterprise. Show me the bridge of the Enterprise, ya chatterin' piece o'...
Computer: There have been five Federation vessels with that name. Please state by registry number.
Scotty: [slowly] N, C, C, 1, 7, 0, 1. No bloody A, B, C, or D.

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Trivia: Another joke from the set designers: whenever someone is in the Jeffries Tubes, you will see several pipes on the walls labeled "GNDN" this stands for "Goes Nowhere, Does Nothing."

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