Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Dead Man's Party - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: When Buffy decides to leave again and goes to her room to pack, her door is three quarters shut when she goes in, half open when Willow comes in and almost fully open when Joyce comes in. At no point does anybody touch this door.


Dead Man's Party - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: When Pat puts on the demon mask and punches Buffy into the bedroom door, she hits the door with her back and then falls to the floor on her face. In the immediate shot she hits the floor again, but this time on her back.


Dead Man's Party - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: When Joyce throws the bag with the stray cat into it into the hole, the bag lands with the knot at the top right, and shows no signs of moving. They chat for a few seconds about something to say, then when Buffy starts filling in the hole (with no sound of a moving bag), the bag's now lying with the knot on the left.

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Dead Man's Party - S3-E2

Continuity mistake: After Buffy is supposed to meet Willow and she is walking home you can see she is wearing light blue wedge heels but when she is down in the basement she is wearing completely different purple heels.

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Bargaining (1) - S6-E1

[After saving Giles from a vampire.]
Spike: Awww, poor Watcher. Did your life flash before your eyes? Cup of tea, cup of tea, almost-got-shagged, cup of tea?

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The Yoko Factor (1) - S4-E20

Question: At the last moment before leaving for good, Angel pauses to tell Buffy "I don't like him" [Riley], to which she replies with a large smile "Thank you." Why does she take this comment surprisingly well? From an ex boyfriend to her new boyfriend? It's not like it sounds like a friendly warning of any sort, nor a joke given the tense situation between the two guys in the episode. And the smile on Buffy's face does not make her response look ironic either, more like loving/caring. Is that a cross over reference to another dialogue in the Angel series?


Chosen answer: Angel is saying that he is still jealous and Buffy recognizes that this is his way of saying he wishes that they could be together. That is why they both smile.

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