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3 mistakes in The One With The Ride-Along

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The One With The Ride-Along - S5-E20

Continuity mistake: Toward the end of the episode, Rachel is back in Ross' apartment, trying to mend the ornament she broke when she was in there earlier. Ross comes in unexpectedly and she tosses the broken pieces into the lightshade, leaving the glue on the side table. In subsequent shots, the glue goes from lying on its side, to standing up, a number of times. (00:16:00)

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The One With The Ride-Along - S5-E20

Plot hole: When Rachel picks up the box of photos they all fall out, because the box isn't sealed with tape or even folded properly. But there's no way for that to have happened. Monica would have brought the box from somewhere and put it on the couch, and the photos would have fallen out then, and she would have fixed it (this is Monica, after all.) The only way for this to have happened is if she put the empty box on the couch, unfolded/unsealed, and then put photos in it - which Monica would not do.

Kathy: So, what did you do today?
Chandler: Well, I had an appointment to get my hair cut...
Kathy: Oh, it looks great!
Chandler: ...and then it got cancelled.

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Answer: These are references to the TV show NYPD Blue. Deputy Andy Sipowicz is the name of one of the characters, whilst another character (Deputy Danny Sorenso) is played by Rick Schroder who previously starred in the show Silver Spoons.


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