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Plot hole: In each episode, Emmy, and Max travel to dragon land (often for a long time) without their parents ever knowing. This makes no sense. Their parents would notice sooner, or later that Max, and Emmy always go in, and out of the house, or that it's always quiet in Emmy, and Max's playroom. You'd think Emmy, and Max's parents would get suspicious, and would question their children accordingly.

Quetzal: Hola, ninos.

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Answer: I don't think she is aware that they travel to dragon land she just thinks that they are playing in their playroom the whole time.

If she was aware that they travel to dragon land, they'd probably lose her trust.

I think Emmy, and Max's mother is unaware of the fact that they travel dragon land I believe because Emmy, and max keep it a secret. After all It's unlikely that a mother would trust children at Emmy, and Max's ages to travel to a place like dragon land all by themselves.

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