Eerie, Indiana

The Losers - S1-E4

Visible crew/equipment: When Lodgepoole is telling Marshall about how the Bureau of Lost caused the Great Depression, someone's arm becomes visible in the upper left corner of the screen. (00:13:25)

Eerie, Indiana mistake picture

The Losers - S1-E4

Continuity mistake: After the bikers give Marshall his money back, the lead biker doesn't have his hands on the handlebars on the wide shot. His hands then are on the handlebars in the close-up. (00:06:10)

Eerie, Indiana mistake picture

The Retainer - S1-E2

Other mistake: The gas chamber is destroyed when the dogs pull a chain that's attached to its front support but it somehow collapses from behind. (00:19:07)

Simon Holmes: Sometimes I wish we collected stamps for fun, instead of battling the forces of weirdness.

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