Kyaputen Tsubasa

Kyaputen Tsubasa (1983)

Episode list

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Starring: Arihiro Hase

Genres: Animated, Drama, Family, Sport

Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 3
Season 1
Season 1 generally 2
1 The New Soccer Star 14
2 A Career Begins 15
3 Kick-Off for the Future 8
4 The Football Is My Best Friend 17
5 Where Is the Rival? 8
6 Blocked Off 9
7 The Show Must Go On 14
8 A Perfect Duo 11
9 The Last Chance 11
10 A Long Way to Brazil 11
11 The Provocation 14
12 No Easy Way 16
13 Fast Game in the Mud 10
14 Tsubasa Is Sieged 14
15 An Unfair Enemy 11
16 The Verification Test 11
17 The Youth National Championship 11
18 Fatal Confrontation 6
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An Unfair Enemy - S1-E15

Trivia: Probably as a joke from an animator, there's a pig in attendance in the stadium. It appears in one shot, by Roberto Hongo when Tsubasa's mom calls for a hat-trick. (00:18:30)

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