Kyaputen Tsubasa

Kyaputen Tsubasa (1983)

5 mistakes in The Best Keeper of the Tournament

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Starring: Arihiro Hase

Genres: Animated, Drama, Family, Sport

The Best Keeper of the Tournament - S1-E25

Other mistake: Nakanishi is giving orders from behind, where, according to the commentator, he has a clear view of all the players. We then have a quasi-POV shot, and due to the peculiar perspective choices of this anime, we can see that from Nakanishi's spot he sees basically nobody, since the players disappear past the horizon. (00:17:00)

Sammo Premium member

An Unfair Enemy - S1-E15

Trivia: Probably as a joke from an animator, there's a pig in attendance in the stadium. It appears in one shot, by Roberto Hongo when Tsubasa's mom calls for a hat-trick. (00:18:30)

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