Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 0
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 Operation Lightspeed 0
2 Lightspeed Teamwork 0
3 Trial by Fire 0
4 Riding the Edge 0
5 A Matter of Trust 0
6 Wheels of Destruction 0
7 Cyborg Rangers 0
8 Up to the Challenge 0
9 Go Volcanic 0
10 Rising from Ashes 0
11 From Deep in the Shadows 0
12 Truth Discovered 0
13 Ryan's Destiny 0
14 Curse of the Cobra 0
15 Strength of the Sun 0
16 The Cobra Strikes 0
17 Olympius Ascends 1
18 A Face from the Past 0
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Captain William Mitchell: Joel, where have you been?
Joel Rawlings: Sir, I was on a... secret mission. So secret, even you didn't know about it.
Captain William Mitchell: At the flower shop?

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