Power Rangers Zeo
Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally 2
Season 1
Season 1 generally 0
1 A Zeo Beginning: Part I 0
2 A Zeo Beginning: Part II 0
3 The Shooting Star 0
4 Target Rangers 0
5 For Cryin' Out Loud 0
6 Rangers in the Outfield 0
7 Every Dog Has His Day 0
8 The Puppet Blaster 0
9 Invasion of the Ranger Snatchers 0
10 Graduation Blues 0
11 A Few Bad Seeds 0
12 Instrument of Destruction 0
13 Mean Screen 0
14 Mr. Billy's Wild Ride 0
15 There's No Business Like Snow Business: Part I 0
16 There's No Business Like Snow Business: Part II 0
17 There's No Business Like Snow Business: Part III 0
18 Inner Spirit 0
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Instrument of Destruction - S1-E12

Question: Throughout the entire Power Rangers series, Skull has shown to scream in fear whenever confronted by a terrifying monster or a group of them. In this episode, how was Skull, who was dressed up as the Phantom Pianist at the time, able to keep his fear in check when the Cogs came to get him?

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