Power Rangers Zeo

A Season to Remember - S1-E50

Corrected entry: In this episode, Tanya tells the other Power Rangers about her African American tradition of Kwanzaa. But Tanya isn't really African-American; she recently came to the Rangers directly from Africa. Native Africans rarely celebrate Kwanzaa. Tanya was also fluent in English the moment she arrived in Angel Grove. It's as if the show wants the viewer to forget that Tanya wasn't always part of the community.


Correction: In season 3 young Tanya was sent by young Aisha to deliver the yellow piece of the ZEO-crystal to Angel Grove from somewhere in the past. When time got restored Tanya was suddenly part of the community and always had been.

Show generally

Other mistake: When assembling the Zeo Megazord, Zeo Zord V is the last to join, forming the head and back of the Zeo Megazord. When it has connected, we see all 5 Rangers slide down simultaneously into the head of the Zeo Megazord. Where it is piloted from and where did they slide down? The head has only just joined, and the other 4 Zeo Zord forms the rest of the body - not enough time for them ALL to slide up, and then back down again.

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Instrument of Destruction - S1-E12

Question: Throughout the entire Power Rangers series, Skull has shown to scream in fear whenever confronted by a terrifying monster or a group of them. In this episode, how was Skull, who was dressed up as the Phantom Pianist at the time, able to keep his fear in check when the Cogs came to get him?

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