The Incredible Hulk

Darkness and Light: Part 1 - S1-E11

Plot hole: When Hulk and Banner have been physically separated by the nutrient bath, they are both wearing tattered pants. Given that Hulk and Banner were previously occupying the same body, this should not be possible. Hulk was the one that went into the nutrient bath, so if Banner's body was separated from Hulk, then Banner should be naked.

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Suggested correction: It was done deliberately as a form of censorship. They didn't want to show Bruce's genitals.

Explaining why the mistake occurred doesn't invalidate it. Unless you're suggesting the nutrient bath also was able to duplicate the pants.


I am not. I am just explaining the reason behind this error.

Do you have a source for this explanation? If not, I would call it conjecture and while it doesn't invalidate the mistake, it does change it to a deliberate mistake if true.

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You realise a character can be drawn naked without actually showing their genitals (and/or breasts in the case of women), right? The Little Mermaid is a good example of this.

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Show generally

Plot hole: This series is in the same continuity as the other Marvel animated series that aired around the same time - X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Fantastic Four - by virtue of each aforementioned show crossing over with at least one of the other shows. However, the origin of the Leader in this show is inconsistent with his origin in Iron Man. In the Iron Man episode "Hulk Buster," which originally aired on February 10, 1996, Samuel Sterns became the Leader after a barrel of gamma waste fell over and spilled its contents onto him. In this show, which didn't air its first episode until September 8, 1996, Samuel Sterns became the Leader after he sabotaged Bruce Banner's gamma bomb test and fell into a pit of radioactive waste caused by the bomb. Rick Jones' role in Banner being exposed to the gamma bomb is different as well. In Iron Man, he parks his jeep in the test area and casually plays a harmonica. Here, he is riding his motorcycle through the test area and crashes, and is unable to restart his motorcycle in order to get clear of the blast.

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Doomed - S1-E7

Plot hole: After Dr. Doom's robots abduct Jennifer and load her into the aircraft, Hulk hitches a ride all the way to Doom's estate, falling off the aircraft and breaking into the estate before the aircraft has time to land. Despite this, Dr. Doom already has Jennifer secured to an infirmary table and medical machinery by the time Hulk confronts Doom.

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Man to Man, Beast to Beast - S1-E6

Plot hole: This series is in the same continuity as the other Marvel animated series that aired around the same time - X-Men, Spider-Man, Iron Man and Fantastic Four - by virtue of each aforementioned show crossing over with at least one of the other shows. However, the portrayal of Sasquatch between this show and X-Men is not consistent. In X-Men, Sasquatch was a mutant and longtime member of Alpha Flight, under the purview of the Canadian government. In this show, Walter Langkowski is a hermit that had only recently become Sasquatch through a gamma experiment gone wrong, and he chooses to exile himself into solitude by episode's end.

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Doomed - S1-E7

Continuity mistake: When Jennifer Walters is first introduced, her fingernails are unpolished. Later when she is restrained in Dr. Doom's lair, her fingernails alternate between being painted pink and red. Given that she and Bruce were running for their lives, she wouldn't have had time to paint her nails. Later when she transforms into She-Hulk, her fingernails turn green with the rest of her body, but if her fingernails were painted, they should still appear that color, as her skin and hair turning green wouldn't magically remove nail polish.

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Answer: The Hulk is a giant brute who smashes everything in his path when he is angry. In Ang Lee's "Hulk," General Ross, played by Sam Elliot, explains it to his daughter.

Answer: Because he feels the Hulk is a threat to all life on Earth, and particularly his daughter's close relationship with Bruce Banner puts her at risk when Hulk enters the equation.

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Why does Ross think the hulk is a threat?

Because the Hulk is nearly mindless and goes on destructive rampages with high risk of collateral damage.

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If that's the case, what's the problem with the way general Ross judges the hulk?

It's nuanced. Ross is correct to recognize the potential danger the Hulk presents, but he's also too stubborn to realise that he usually exacerbates the Hulk's rampages by trying to engage him in combat instead of trying to calm him down.

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