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Other mistake: When Aziraphale is reading The Book in his shop, you see various written prophecies pass by on screen. These are the original 1990 versions, not those actually read out later in the show. E.g. "When Orient's chariot inverted be, four wheels in the air" vs "When Robyn's chariot inverted be, three wheels in the air" and the inclusion of The Other Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, who were cut from the show.

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In The Beginning - S1-E1

Crowley: Ciao [leaves].
Ligur: What's that mean, 'Ciao'?
Hastur: It's Italian. I think it means 'food.'

Brian Katcher
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Trivia: As we see throughout the series, the demon Crowley's prized motorcar is a 1934 Bentley that he has owned and driven since it was new. The choice of this vehicle for the show was a deliberate departure from the original novel, in which Crowley drove a 1929 Bentley. As it turns out, neither Terry Pratchett nor Neil Gaiman knew anything about vintage cars when they co-authored "Good Omens"; in ignorance of the car's actual appearance, they arbitrarily chose a 1929 Bentley for The Book. During production of this TV series, however, when Neil Gaiman at last saw a 1929 Bentley, he realised that it was not at all the motorcar he and Pratchett had envisioned. Upon reviewing photos of many vintage Bentleys, Gaiman finally chose the 1934 model (as it more closely matched the "intended look" of Crowley's car) for the TV series.

Charles Austin Miller
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