Bruce Wayne - S2-E7

Character mistake: After Jason falls from the skyscraper and is saved by Conner, he suffers some sort of PTSD. It is very hard to believe that a guy who fights crime all the time and fights people wanting to kill him so often (which includes Deathstroke beating and stabbing him like it was nothing) magically starts to suffer from PTSD just because he almost fell from a building. It doesn't make sense and feels forced.


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Suggested correction: There was a lot more to the storyline than "some sort of PTSD." Of course, that kind of psychological trauma often doesn't make sense. Why would one veteran experience it and not another soldier who experienced the same thing. And he didn't "almost fell", he did fall off the building. If Conner wasn't there, he probably wouldn't have survived. He had never experienced failure in that manner either.


Troubled Water - S3-E10

Character mistake: One character says a concentration of 0.09 parts per million in the water is bad: "if it were salt it'd taste like you were drowning in the ocean." Rubbish. The concentration of salt in seawater is about 35,000 parts per million.

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Koriand'r - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: Gar enters a room and leaves the door open. Throughout the whole mirror scene the door is also open both when the camera looks at him and when the camera points at the mirror. However, when he is about to leave the room he needs to open the door as it has been closed inbetween us looking at Gar in the mirror and looking at him normally. (00:17:50 - 00:18:35)

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Nightwing - S2-E13

Question: So Dick breaks out of prison...and then stays out with no problem? They know his name, who he is, that he's escaped, now he's just hanging out as usual? Did I miss something?

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Answer: He was granted a full pardon.

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