The Haunting of Hill House

Trivia: Almost every episode of this series contains scenes where ghosts can be seen hiding in plain sight.

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Trivia: Hugh is played by Henry Thomas in flashbacks sequences. Thomas famously played the lead character Elliot in Steven Spielberg's "E.T." as a child actor in the 80's. As a reference to this fact, in the first episode, Young Luke is seen with an "E.T." lunchbox in one scene.


Trivia: Series creator and director Mike Flanagan is married to Kate Siegel, who plays the older Theo. Siegel has appeared in almost all of Flanagan's film and television projects.


Trivia: In the original novel, the characters Eleanor, Theo and Luke were not siblings. In addition, the characters Steven and Shirley didn't exist in the original novel. This series - a re-imagining of the novel - made the main characters into siblings and added Steven and Shirley to broaden the cast a bit. Shirley is named after Shirley Jackson, who wrote the novel.


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Other mistake: When Theo is thinking back to when Steve offers to share the royalties from his book, Shirley is heavily pregnant with her daughter. However, on the table next to Theo, is a photo of Shirley's son and daughter, as they are in the present.

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