The Good Place

Somewhere Else - S2-E12

Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the episode while Michael is talking to the Judge, he does not have a Bad Place pin on his left lapel. However, at the end of the previous episode, as he and Janet come through the portal he is wearing one. On another note, not sure how he got the pin. As Shawn was talking to Michael in episode 11, he wasn't wearing one either and Michael had given his own pin to Eleanor. (00:00:01)

Somewhere Else - S2-E12

Factual error: As Eleanor walks in the corridor to Chidi's office at St. John's University, there's an exit sign mounted in the ceiling above her - a North American style red Exit sign. As she is in Australia, it should either a white on green Exit sign or an international "running man" style sign, as North American style signs were never legal in Australia. (00:20:55)


Michael: You humans take something wonderful and ruin it just a little bit so you can have more.

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Season 1 generally

Trivia: The cast were sworn to secrecy to not reveal the big twist at the end of season one. Reportedly, all the cast members were really good at keeping the secret... except Ted Danson, who couldn't help but give away the twist anytime he tried to explain the show to someone.


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Answer: While the show does explore life after death, the show creators intentionally avoided using many religious terms and beliefs, such as heaven, hell, or God. While one could draw parallels of the Good Place and the Bad Place to heaven and hell, in the show that's not what they're meant to be.


Thank you. It just means, to me, they're atheists.


Not sure you can infer them being atheists just because they do not use the terms, "Heaven" and "Hell." Those are mostly traditional Christian concepts. Many religions have different beliefs of what the afterlife is.

raywest Premium member

Well you couldn't really call them atheist because atheists don't believe in any type of afterlife or any deities. The "good place" and "bad place" are merely broader terms that could include most belief systems.

immortal eskimo

Answer: They actually do use those terms, in one episode, when Eleanor starts crying Chidi states he broke God and, there is another episode where someone, I believe Chidi says, we're in heaven. Though not saying those words does not make them atheist, it is stated in the first episode that every religion specifically Christians were a little bit right... So when they got to the good place after learning it is really called the good place it makes no sense to call it something else.

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