Waco (2018)

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Day 51 - S1-E6

Factual error: The gun used to kill Koresh is a Beretta M9A1 (92A1). These were not produced until 2006. The correct pistol would have been a Beretta 92. (00:43:15)

Visions and Omens - S1-E1

Deliberate mistake: Per his own memoir, Gary Noesner was vacationing in Bermuda, celebrating his wedding anniversary, during the siege at Ruby Ridge. As one of the show's main characters, his insertion there was likely to keep him involved in the story.

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Day 51 - S1-E6

Gary Noesner: You cannot remove these people by force. The more you push them, the more they think it is a test of their faith.

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Day 51 - S1-E6

Trivia: The finale aired on February 28, the 25th anniversary of the ATF raid that instigated the siege.

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