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3 mistakes in season 6

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For the Want of a Nail - S6-E9

Continuity mistake: In a previous scene Dr. Choi had asked that a patient using a nasal oxygen cannula be given an oxygen mask, which the nurse did (over the cannula, but that is another mistake previously documented). Several scenes later we see that patient again, and he is back to wearing the nasal cannula and having breathing difficulties.


For the Want of a Nail - S6-E9

Factual error: Dr. Choi is seeing a patient. The patient is wearing a nasal cannula. Dr. Choi asks that the oxygen be upped and an oxygen mask be used. The nurse takes a mask and puts it on the patient. Right over the cannula.


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Suggested correction: He never uses either name. He says "hey" in a hushed voice.


Guilty - S1-E12

Trivia: When looking at the ultrasound report for an infant patient, the names of the three consultant radiologists are Dr. Jane Doe, MD; Dr. John Doe, MD; and Dr. Dave Doe, MD. (00:20:11)

Kiwii Stone

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