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Ray Donovan (2013)

5 mistakes in season 2

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Snowflake - S2-E9

Continuity mistake: Bunchy is serving burgers. Picks up ketchup in his left hand and mustard in the right. Camera pans from a different angle and he is putting back the mustard and picking up the ketchup that he already had. (00:28:11)

Walk This Way - S2-E7

Continuity mistake: While in the bathroom Ray sits on the counter and knocks over Q tips. The camera goes to Kate McPherson and when it comes back the broken container that was on the ground at Ray's feet is gone.

Volcheck - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: In season two episode 3, Ray gets his daughter Bridgette into Belair Academy by saving Stu Feldman from his pornstar kidnappers. She initially wasn't allowed admission because her brother hit Feldman's kid in the head with a football tee so Ray figured out another way. In Season 2 episode 10 Abby is dropping off both kids at a regular high school. This is easily distinguished by the uniform policy Belair has whereas a regular high school doesn't mandate uniforms. (00:14:25 - 00:14:53)


Walk This Way - S2-E7

Plot hole: It's revealed that the gym owned by Ray and Terry is a front for Ray to launder his income. This is why he doesn't want or can't sell it. Any person auditing that gym would know it doesn't bring enough income if the floors are in disrepair and the equipments garbage as Terry tells Pie when he gives him money to fix it up after Mickey pays him. Ray runs a consulting firm, he could launder millions through consulting, he has an office with employees. Get vending machines, anything that's cash. (00:42:00 - 00:44:20)


Hispes - S7-E4

Question: Mr. Sullivan senior, a billionaire, gives his daughter keys to a safe deposit box but tells her not to go to it herself. She approaches Ray, and he tells her whoever opens it will trigger a call to the FBI. Mr. Sullivan needs to pay the mayor $9 million for some hospital deal. What I don't understand is why a billionaire would risk exposing his secrets all for a measly $9 million? He's giving his psychotic son a $1.2 million per year stipend till death, so he's not broke.

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