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Hispes - S7-E4

Revealing mistake: A celebrity locks himself in a room and won't come out. Bridgette boots the door in with her foot and it swings open. When the door is open there is no lock visible. (00:19:30 - 00:20:00)


Hispes - S7-E4

Factual error: The lady goes into the bank with a key for the safe deposit box and they let her into the vault. The box belongs to a Sullivan. They insert the bank key and she inserts hers. For somebody to be allowed access to the vault to any storage box, that person would need to be the owner of that particular box, and they would need to sign a card/log to gain entry. If it's in John Does name, Barb Smith can't just show up with a key and get access. (00:35:00 - 00:36:00)


Snowflake - S2-E9

Continuity mistake: Bunchy is serving burgers. Picks up ketchup in his left hand and mustard in the right. Camera pans from a different angle and he is putting back the mustard and picking up the ketchup that he already had. (00:28:11)

Walk This Way - S2-E7

Continuity mistake: While in the bathroom Ray sits on the counter and knocks over Q tips. The camera goes to Kate McPherson and when it comes back the broken container that was on the ground at Ray's feet is gone.

Horses - S5-E8

Continuity mistake: While Bridget is putting on Abby's lipstick she isn't wearing earrings, when the shot moves to the side of Abby's face, she has a large gold hoop earring. When they move back to the shot head on, Abby is again earringless.

A Good Man Is Hard to Find - S7-E2

Plot hole: Ray visits Mac's widow on Staten Island to drop off a cash donation which would have amounted to Mac's pension since he lost his when he committed suicide. What doesn't jive here is that she's living in an all brick two storey home which costs $1.2-1.5 million with a brand-new Mercedes ML SUV in the driveway, but she's dependent on her husband's pension. And Mac was living poorly paying alimony and child support, but she's living like a millionaire. Doesn't add up.


Dogwalker - S5-E3

Continuity mistake: Ray's accountant Harriet is telling Bunchy about an investment opportunity to purchase a storage locker business. She shows him a real estate flyer and it's a pink and baby blue eight story tall building. Later on Bunchy takes his baby and goes for a drive to check the business out in person and it's a white and navy two story office with single story garage door type storage units. (00:32:28 - 00:46:17)


Goodbye Beautiful - S4-E9

Factual error: Mickey is in a pawn shop, and he sees a handgun and silencer. It is later revealed he purchased the handgun and a suppressor which is a title 2 weapon or NFA firearm (suppressor). The pawnshop appeared to be a legitimate business since this title 2 weapon was on display. To purchase such an item one has to fill out paperwork and a fingerprint card and pay a 200 tax stamp and wait 6-12 months for approval by the ATF. Plus one can't be a convicted felon, which Mick is. (00:05:30 - 00:17:05)


Volcheck - S2-E10

Continuity mistake: In season two episode 3, Ray gets his daughter Bridgette into Belair Academy by saving Stu Feldman from his pornstar kidnappers. She initially wasn't allowed admission because her brother hit Feldman's kid in the head with a football tee so Ray figured out another way. In Season 2 episode 10 Abby is dropping off both kids at a regular high school. This is easily distinguished by the uniform policy Belair has whereas a regular high school doesn't mandate uniforms. (00:14:25 - 00:14:53)


Walk This Way - S2-E7

Plot hole: It's revealed that the gym owned by Ray and Terry is a front for Ray to launder his income. This is why he doesn't want or can't sell it. Any person auditing that gym would know it doesn't bring enough income if the floors are in disrepair and the equipments garbage as Terry tells Pie when he gives him money to fix it up after Mickey pays him. Ray runs a consulting firm, he could launder millions through consulting, he has an office with employees. Get vending machines, anything that's cash. (00:42:00 - 00:44:20)


Show generally

Revealing mistake: Every phone call in the show, the phones never show the correct screen. Either it is glitching behind their ears or it's the home screen.

If I Should Fall from Grace with God - S5-E7

Other mistake: End of episode 6 it's nighttime in LA, they also show Bridget in a church in NY, where Terry is in confession. Beginning of episode 7 it's still nighttime in LA, when Terry walks out of confession it's daytime in New York. It does not make sense for Terry to go to confession mid episode 6 (during daytime in LA).

Hispes - S7-E4

Question: Mr. Sullivan senior, a billionaire, gives his daughter keys to a safe deposit box but tells her not to go to it herself. She approaches Ray, and he tells her whoever opens it will trigger a call to the FBI. Mr. Sullivan needs to pay the mayor $9 million for some hospital deal. What I don't understand is why a billionaire would risk exposing his secrets all for a measly $9 million? He's giving his psychotic son a $1.2 million per year stipend till death, so he's not broke.

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