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Pria - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: Lt. Malloy has his lower left leg amputated in Isaac's attempt at practical humor. When they later find the leg, it's not just a lower left leg, but an entire left leg (upper + lower). So either Malloy regrew half a leg in the course of a single night, or they forgot to tell the prop department to only make a lower leg. (00:26:35 - 00:30:20)

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Question: Now that season 3 is out, has there been any updates about why Alara was written off, or why Halston Sage left the show, near the beginning of season 2? In 2019, she seemed to indicated her leaving wasn't her choice and it was what was best for the show. But, the fact that they replaced her character with another female Xelayan makes it seem like they weren't really making any changes. And with a 4th season unlikely, are there any rumors Sage will return in season 3?


Answer: No official reason has been given. Halston Sage has only stated in an interview that leaving the show was not her choice. It is considered that her possible return is "open ended", and while there has been no official announcement, she did make a reappearance at the end of Season 2.

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