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Kevin Can Wait (2016)

3 mistakes in season 1

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A Band Done - S2-E24

Trivia: The 4th band member, Ronnie, is played by Michael DelGuidice. DelGuidice wrote the "Kevin Can Wait" theme song, "No Ordinary Guy" for the show. DelGuidice, who was born in Long Island, also started a Billy Joel cover band before joining Joel's actual band. In the show, Kevin and other characters often talk about their love for Billy Joel.


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Kevin Goes Nuts - S2-E3

Question: Kevin is wearing a T-shirt that says "Long Island" with some sort of mascot on it. At first I thought it was Dumbo with the big ears, but it looks like a mouse with a hat on (I'm assuming those are whiskers and not 6 legs of an insect.) What is this animal suppose to be? A character or mascot from some show, team, restaurant, etc? Or just a silly shirt with a random silly animal? Has anyone seen it sold anywhere?


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