Conviction (2016)

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2Bridge and Tunnel Vision0
3Dropping Bombs0
4Mother's Little Burden0
5The 1% Solution0
7A Simple Man0
8Bad Deals0
9A Different Kind of Death0
10Not Okay0
11Black Orchid0
12Enemy Combatant1
13Past, Prologue & What's to Come0

Enemy Combatant - S1-E12

Revealing mistake: Right after the scene in Wallace's office where the DHS tries to shut down Hayes' investigation, the scene shifts to a montage. Towards the end of it there's a loop: in the bottom left corner you can see someone on a scooter appear from the left, only to disappear a second later and reappear from where they'd come the first time. (00:20:00)


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D.A. Wayne Wallis: I heard your university board has you on probation. Something about sleeping with a student?
Hayes Morrison: Students.

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