Generation Kill
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Cpl. Josh Ray Person: You know, it doesn't make you gay if you think Rudy's hot. We all think he's hot.

Gunnery Sgt. Mike 'Gunny' Wynn: We need to make sure the stupidity in this company doesn't roll down too hard on our guys.

Cpl. Evan 'Q-Tip' Stafford: Bravo Three's commander. Should I shoot him?
Navy Hm2 Robert Timothy 'Doc' Bryan: Don't waste your bullet.

Cpl. Gabe Garza: Semper Gumbi - always flexible.

Cpl. Walt Hasser: Rollin' Stone?
Cpl. James Chaffin: Fuck if they don't give us a dope-smokin', peace-freak writer.

Cpl. Jeffrey 'Dirty Earl' Carisalez: To think I believed the judge when he told me the Marine Corps was a superior alternative to jail. I should have shut up and done my time.

Cpt. Dave 'Captain America' McGraw: Shoot that fucking dog.
Sgt. Eric Kocher: Darnold, give it a piece of your jerky.

Sgt. Antonio Espera: It makes my heart heavy to see the white race stoop as low as James' mother has. At least if she was Mexican she'd be ashamed of herself.

Sgt. Maj. John Sixta: You has to o-dark-hundred to unfuck ya self.

Cpt. Bryan Patterson: They want our help to clear a minefield.
Gunnery Sgt. Rich Barrett: At night? That's against division orders.

Cpl. Josh Ray Person: When my band opened up for Limp Bizkit in Kansas City, we fuckin' sucked. But then again, so did they. The only difference is that they became famous, and I became a Marine.

Navy Hm2 Robert Timothy 'Doc' Bryan: PFC Fucknuts! This is an enemy encampment.

Sgt. Maj. John Sixta: Marines, around this world, would gives they left nuts, to be where you are.

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Factual error: Throughout the mini-series, the First Recon Marines use AN/PAQ-4 laser sights, when in reality they used the AN/PEQ-2 laser. Another error is that they are using (according to them) AAA batteries for the sights, while both sights actually run on AA batteries.


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