Les Écorchés - S2-E7

Stupidity: The highly trained, elite security officer who tracks Angela down to the backups knows exactly what she is, how dangerous she is, and what she's capable of, but still drops his guard, flirts with her, lets her get up close and personal with him, and as a result gives her a clear window to grab his grenade to blow up herself, him, and all the backups.

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Kiksuya - S2-E8

Other mistake: The Lakota is attacking a small group of white men. One is face down on the ground, and he lifts his head to cut his throat. In the background are two cowboy actors joking and twirling their guns. One drops their gun and picks it back up. (00:20:43)

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Teddy Flood: Well, your mouth moves fast enough. How about your gun?

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