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23 mistakes in season 1

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The Blueprint - S1-E9

Character mistake: In the 11/14/2005 US Army Rangers report about Peter MacLeish, the word captain right under MacLeish's signature is misspelled "captian."

Brace for Impact - S1-E21

Continuity mistake: When Agent Wells drives the van filled with bombs out of the parking structure both back doors of the van are open revealing the bombs, in the next shot both doors are closed.

Brace for Impact - S1-E21

Continuity mistake: Agent Wells is chasing the bad guy on foot. In the first shot her SIG is not cocked. In the next shot it is cocked. In the next shot the slide is retracted. In the next shot she somehow magically fires it. Then the hammer is somehow forward again. A few seconds later as she climbs the stairs it supernaturally transforms into a Glock. And at no time does she use a proper grip on the gun.

Commander-in-Chief - S1-E14

Factual error: The building shown between the stated times is located in Japan instead of the US/Washington DC as suggested by the actions in the scene. This is proven by by the Chinese characters In the Dark-gray concrete wall in the lower left side of the frame, as well as the red and blue colored circular road signs in the lower far right of the frame which are not in use in the US but in this combination unique to Japan. The street furniture, such as the road markings, the vegetation and the buildings also resemble Tokyo. (00:06:55)

Brace for Impact - S1-E21

Other mistake: When Agent Wells tells the White House they need to alert the Pentagon that Lozano is inside the Pentagon, she is told "it's already done, they are locking down the building right now." Then, later in the same episode, we see Lozano use a key card to easily pass through the building. (00:15:45 - 00:21:15)

The Oath - S1-E10

Continuity mistake: When Emily and Aaron first kiss, her hands are down. In the next shot her hand is up touching his chin and in the next shot her hands are back down and she's raising a hand to his chin.


The First Day - S1-E2

Continuity mistake: When Penny and Leo are playing cards, her stuffed animal is on the table with cards propped up against it. When Leo leaves we see it again, but when the shot changes to Penny, she's now instantly holding it.


Brace for Impact - S1-E21

Continuity mistake: Agent Wells spots Lozano leaving the Pentagon and begins a high speed chase. During that chase Lozano is alternately wearing and not wearing his seat belt. In addition, Lozano's car is only damaged in the close-up scenes; whenever the car is shown from a distance, it is completely undamaged, even after Wells has rammed him repeatedly.


The Mission - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: At the end of the episode the undamaged Capitol building is visible in the background, despite being destroyed in the first episode. (00:39:13)

Season 1 generally

Continuity mistake: Agent Wells is wearing high heel shoes when she gets kidnapped and wakes up on the ship in S1:E19. In S1:E20 she is wearing low heels when she tries to escape on the ship. In S1:E21 she is again wearing high heels when she drives away from the FBI building.

Misalliance - S1-E19

Other mistake: When Patrick Lloyd receives the text message on his phone while working out, we hear it buzz and he reads it immediately but the message says "14 min. ago." The time also jumps from 12:15 to 12:59. (00:02:20)

The Mission - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: When Alex wakes up and goes to sit next to Tom, she puts her right arm around him so that her hand is hanging over his shoulder. In the next shot, her hand isn't visible even though his shoulder is and his hands are down. In the next shot, her hand is back on his shoulder and he's holding her hand.


The Mission - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: When the President is talking to the two Congresspeople in the Oval Office, there are several times when he's looking to his left or his right and the shot changes and he's now looking in the opposite direction.


The Mission - S1-E5

Continuity mistake: When we get the shot of the President sitting and holding his glasses, the glasses change position in the next shot. When his back is to the camera, he's holding them so his thumb is in between the lenses and the earpieces are facing to his left. When he's facing the camera, the glasses are flipped over so that the earpieces are facing his right.


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Suggested correction: It's stated that the Capitol is being rebuilt, this is not an error.

One Hundred Days - S1-E15

Continuity mistake: When Hannah Wells and Jason Atwood confront Brooke Mathison and she tries to fight back with her hidden pistol, Jason fires three shots at her, while Hannah fires two shots at her. However when they show Brooke Mathison again, only one shot is visible on her body. Because she was facing Jason, there should have been at least the three shots he fired at her visible. (00:39:53)

Brace for Impact - S1-E21

Continuity mistake: When the FBI agent is chasing down "Catalan", after crashing his car, suddenly in one shot the slide of her pistol is retracted, as if the gun is empty. Previous shots it is closed and ready to fire. Then right after showing it retracted and locked back, the very next clip she fires her gun, without doing anything about the slide.

Brace for Impact - S1-E21

Factual error: At the very beginning of the episode, during Agent Wells' escape in the blue van, there is a very tall skyscraper in one shot. There aren't large skyscrapers like that in DC. Also, when she crashes the van into the Tidal Basin, where did all of the cherry trees that surround it disappear to?


Tom Kirkman: What do you want me to do, General, declare war? Why not. 40 minutes ago, they showed me the nuclear football. I guess I've had it long enough to try it out.

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Show generally

Question: Just rewatched the series and in the episode where they are operating on President Kirkman to remove the bullet fragments I noticed what I think was a secret service agent in the background of the OR. Is this normal practice for when a president is under anaesthetic or a medical procedure, or was this just because it was after an attempted assassination?


Answer: Yes, it's normal. When President Reagan was shot, they were in the OR with him.

Answer: It would be normal procedure, yes. The Secret Service accompanies the president everywhere, except in very limited circumstances (for example, they don't go into the bathroom with him, or stand in his room while he sleeps). When Bill Clinton had an operation to fix a torn tendon, there was an agent in the operating room throughout the procedure.

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