Stranger Things

Chapter Two: Vecna's Curse - S4-E2

Continuity mistake: After Mike kisses El on the forehead, Jonathan is in the back grabbing his glasses from his pocket. In one shot, he's grabbing them out, and then the next shot has them at waist-level.

Chapter Seven: The Massacre at Hawkins Lab - S4-E7

Other mistake: When Hooper was trying to light the alcohol-soaked rag to make a torch, his lighter wasn't working at first. He finally got a flame at the last minute. However, the sparks alone should have been enough to ignite the flammable rag. (01:00:33 - 01:02:03)

Chapter Eight: Papa - S4-E8

Continuity mistake: Eleven makes the helicopter fall from the sky and blow up some army vehicles. Within a cut, it's much earlier in the day as the sun is right above her. Prior to this, it was lower in the sky and returns that way as she and the rest of the crew are driving away.

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Chapter Nine: The Piggyback - S4-E9

Deliberate mistake: Stranger Things season 4 vol 1 confirms upside down is locked in 1983 as Nancy's guns aren't there. Her diary entry shows it to be Nov 1983. Yet in season 4 vol 2 Ed Munson's guitar is there. This implies he either was playing guitar back then or they've made a deliberate mistake here but it's caused an error in the 'stuck in 1983' story.

Sam Clarke

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Suggested correction: This entry needs clarification. You acknowledge the possibility that Eddie was playing guitar back then, so how could it be impossible for his guitar to have been there if that's the case?

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Multiple characters: Mouth breather.

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Chapter Nine: The Piggyback - S4-E9

Trivia: When Eddie is playing Metallica's "Master of Puppets" on guitar, the audio is actually performed by Tye Trujillo, whose father Robert Trujillo is Metallica's current and longest-tenured bass player.

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Answer: The body was fake, made by the scientists at Hawkins Lab in an attempt to cover up his disappearance and the existence of the Upside Down.

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